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Editor’s note: This post is an oldie, but a goodie. It was originally published March 2010 and it warranted an update. Do you have any favorite Chrome extensions for search engine optimization or blogging? Share in the comments below!


I’ve converted, but my first experience with Google Chrome occurred in 2009 and it was not a positive one. It was disappointing and frustrating. However, after fighting with Firefox, which crashed many times daily and demanded updates that slowed browsing and constantly interrupted me, I gave Chrome a second chance.

My biggest concern was the lack of extensions (“plugins” for Firefox users), but after about an hour on the Google Chrome Extensions site, that was no longer a problem. So, I’ve compiled a list of the best Chrome Extensions for SEO and a few other can’t-live-without extensions (in no particular order).

1. SEO for Chrome


Includes page, backlink, traffic and rank stats, and more.

[download & install now]

2. SEO Site Tools


Includes internal and external page data, social media stats, server information and more.

[download & install now]

3. Google Similar Pages beta (by Google)


Shows pages similar to the Web page you’re currently browsing.

[download & install now]

4. Domain Details


Shows domain, website and server details at a glance.

[download & install now]

5. PageRank Status

Chrome PageRank Status Extension

Shows Google PageRank on your toolbar.

[download & install now]

6. SEOquake


Shows Google PageRank, Alexa rank and nofollow links, among other paramaters.

[download & install now]

7. Speed Tracer (by Google)


Shows page performance data.

[download & install now]

8. Flag for Chrome


Get domain, page and server data as well as PageRank and the hosting country’s flag icon.

[download & install now]

9. Schema Explorer

Schema Microdata

View Schema.org formatted microdata.

[download & install now]

10. Whois+


Get Whois, DNS, Email and Ping information for the current domain.

[download & install now]

11. Firebug Lite


Great for front-end inspection of the Web page you’re browsing.

[download & install now]

12. Pendule


Web developer tools for Chrome.

[download & install now]

13. IMG Inspector


Converts image links to a full gallery with thumbnails. Lightbox-style.

[download & install now]

14. Image Preview


Replaces image and video links with a lightbox preview popup.

[download & install now]

15. IE Tab

IE Tab Chrome Extension

Display web pages using IE in a tab.

[download & install now]

16. MeasureIt!

MeasureIt Chrome Extension

Draw a ruler to measure any Web page element.

[download & install now]

17. Majestic SEO Backlink Analyzer

MajesticSEO Chrome Extension

View the backlink information for any web page.

[download & install now]

18. Proxy Switchy!

Proxy Switchy Chrome Extension

Load the page through a proxy.

[download & install now]

19. Mozbar

Mozbar Chrome Extension

Switch proxy setting with one click.
[download & install now]

20. Session Buddy


Chrome session management.

[download & install now]

21. Session Manager


Save sessions of your opened tabs to quickly re-open whenever you like.

[download & install now]

22. ShowIP


Displays your current IP address.

[download & install now]

23. AutoPagerize


Auto-loads the next page as you scroll through a Web page. For example: Google SERPs, Delicious bookmarks, etc.

[download & install now]

24. Evernote Web Clipper


Save interesting stuff you see on the Web into your Evernote account for use on the Web or mobile.

[download & install now]

25. My Shortcuts


Quickly access your Google Apps, or custom URLs, that you frequently use.

[download & install now]

26. Resolution Test


Test web pages in different resolution settings or set your own resolution.

[download & install now]

27. FlashBlock


Block all Flash on all pages or use the whitelist manager to allow certain pages to display Flash.

[download & install now]

28. Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google)


Preview PDFs, PowerPoint documents and other docs in Google Docs viewer.

[download & install now]

29. WOT (Web of Trust)


A safe browsing tool that warns of malicious sites.

[download & install now]

30. AutoPager Chrome


Automatically loads the next page for multi-page sites by just scrolling with your mouse.

[download & install now]

31. Web2PDFConverter

Web2PDFConverter Chrome Extension

Converts any web page to PDF.

[download & install now]

32. Auto Copy


Highlight text and it’s automatically copied to your clipboard.

[download & install now]

33. Gestures for Chrome

Gestures for Chrome Extension

Create mouse gestures to perform certain tasks.

[download & install now]

34. Clickable Links


URLs and Emails displayed in text will be automatically converted to a link.

[download & install now]

35. Tab Switch Plus


Find tabs in this vertical tab list and easily switch to new tabs or close immediately.

[download & install now]

36. Xmarks Bookmarks Sync


Backup and sync your bookmarks across computers and browsers.

[download & install now]

37. Google Translate

Google Translate Chrome Extension

Translate Web pages into your language of choice.

[download & install now]

38. Autocomplete = on


Use to remember your passwords. Can be turned off.

[download & install now]

39. RoboForm Lite


Manage your passwords with RoboForm.

[download & install now]

40. LastPass


Manage your passwords with LastPass.

[download & install now]

41. RightLink

Right-click on links will automatically open the link in a new tab.

[download & install now]

42. goo.gl URL Shortener

Shorten URLs with goo.gl

[download & install now]

43. StayFocusd


Limit the amount of time you spend on certain sites so you can focus.

[download & install now]

44. New Tabs Always Last

Always opens new tabs to the far right of your toolbar. The default in Chrome is to open new tabs directly to the right of the current tab.

[download & install now]

45. Search Box

Search Box Chrome Extension

Easily search in multiple search engines.

[download & install now]

46. Feedly


Organize your feeds into a magazine-style start page.

[download & install now]

47. Search the Current Site

Performs a site search for the current domain rather than just a page find search.

[download & install now]

48. Buffer

Buffer Chrome Extension

Share content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

[download & install now]

49. RemindMe


Set yourself reminders that can be synced on multiple machines.

[download & install now]

50. Tabs to the Front!

Opens new tabs and brings them to the front for immediate attention.

[download & install now]

51. Aviary Screen Capture


Take a screen capture and edit it immediately with Aviary tools.

[download & install now]

52. GooEdit

GooEdit Chrome Extension

An image editor that lives within the browser. Upload, edit and save pictures.

[download & install now]

53. Pixlr Grabber


Grab the entire page or just a section and save it to your desktop or edit using Pixlr tools.

[download & install now]

54. Webpage & WebCam Screenshot


Capture the whole page or sections of the page in a JPG format.

[download & install now]

55. Related Content by Zemanta


Support for many blogging platforms: WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, etc. Associates images, video and other content to be inserted into your blog post as you write.

[download & install now]

56. bit.ly


Easily shorten and share links with Bit.ly.

[download & install now]

57. Silver Bird

Silver Bird Twitter Chrome Extension

Follow your timelines on Twitter and interact with your account.

[download & install now]

58. Shareaholic for Google Chrome


Share the Web page on your favorite social network.

[download & install now]

59. Digg for Chrome

Easily Digg the latest story and find out what is being discovered at the moment.

[download & install now]

60. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon Chrome Extension

Manage your Stumbles and discover new pages.

[download & install now]

61. Del.icio.us Extension


One-click submission to bookmark your current Web page.

[download & install now]

62. Delicious Tools


Manage your Delicious account, use a pop-up window for tagging and keyboard shortcuts are available.

[download & install now]

63. Chromicious

Syncs between Chrome and your Delicious account.

[download & install now]

64. My Alerts


Receive alerts for Twitter, Google, Backtweets, etc.

[download & install now]

65. Facebook for Chrome


Quickly post status updates and view your wall and news feeds.

[download & install now]

66. HootSuite Hootlet

Hootsuite Hootlet Chrome Extension

Manage your Twitter accounts easily. Based on the Firefox plugin.

[download & install now]

67. Search on Yelp

Yelp Chrome Extension

Find local businesses, and the results open in a new tab.

[download & install now]

68. Auto HD for YouTube

Auto HD for YouTube Chrome Extension

Will automatically redirect to the HD version, if available, and play as normal.

[download & install now]

69. Incredible StartPage

Incredible StartPage Chrome Extension

Customize your start page to include shortcuts and recover closed tabs. Also take notes as you browse.

[download & install now]

70. Chrome Reader

Chrome Reader Extension

Subscribe to feeds, in Google Reader, from the address bar.

[download & install now]

71. Last.fm free music player

Last FM Free Music Player Chrome Extension

Who says you don’t need music to do SEO and blog?

[download & install now]


Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google)

During the writing of this post, I had several windows & tabs open with all of these extensions and more running simultaneously. I installed plugins and managed to tweet through Tweetdeck as well. Nothing slowed down. Nothing froze. I experienced no problems. That’s huge compared to Firefox or IE. Be aware that extensions are not always published by the brand represented (e.g. Flickr, Delicious, Yelp, etc.).

I’m sure I’ve missed more than a few so please comment with your favorite extensions to share with everybody.