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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

I began working with SEO.com just before Christmas so I’m pretty new to the SEO game. I’ve basically learned that the only way to start grasping SEO is to jump right in to it. So I have put together a list of blogs that are serving as valuable teaching tools. My hope is that anyone new to SEO can benefit from this list just like I have.

1. The SEOmoz Blog

Featuring Rand Fishkin as the lead contributor, the SEOmoz blog is beneficial to readers with any level of knowledge. It has a basic, informative guide to learning SEO, and also manages to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. This site also features Rand’s famous White Board Friday series. White Board Friday is video blog that addresses current issues with SEO each week.



2. Marketing Pilgrim Blog

Screenshot of Marketing Pilgrim

I find this site valuable for its insights on SEO from a marketing perspective. This post regarding the brand impact of social media was one of my favorite recent pieces.



3. Web Pro News


I visit this blog several times a day. Its focus is on news related to online business with specific channels dedicated to search, social media, and technology news.



4. Inside Search Blog

Screenshot of Inside Search

Google’s official blog is valuable for its posts on updates to Google’s algorithm, new events in search, etc. These are updates that anyone working in the field of SEO must stay updated on.



5. Search Engine Land Blog

Screenshot of Search Engine Land

You can get information on just about anything regarding SEO and search marketing here.



6. SEO Book Blog

Screenshot of SEOBook

This blog is a fantastic resource for SEO knowledge and insight, as well as some famous SEO Firefox Plug-ins.



7. Search Engine Journal

Screenshot of Search Engine Journal

This blog has a lot of great information, and I found their link building posts to be especially helpful. Link building is an integral part of SEO and it can be challenging.



8. Marketing Land Blog

Screenshot of Marketing Land

As an SEO Specialist, learning about the industry from a marketing perspective is paramount. Coming from a marketing background I appreciate the insights offered here.



9. SEO.com Blog

Screenshot of SEO.com

And then, of course, our very own SEO.com blog. We go to great lengths here to cover all topics SEO and internet marketing related. We generally have a new post up each day, so please keep reading!


There are definitely many more educational SEO blogs that aren’t in this list. If you feel I’m missing any important blogs, please include them in the comments below.