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SEO Risks to Take and SEO Risks to Avoid

Product Showcase: Brand Ambassador

Why Isn’t My Website Ranking?

4 Steps to Create a Facebook Marketing Campaign [Infographic]

How to Communicate the Importance of SEO to Your Boss

Why People Are Afraid of SEO?

AccurateAppraisals.com Provides New Service to Evaluate Domain Names

It’s Time to Start Doing S.M.A.R.T. SEO

The Positive Impacts of Semantic Search for SEO

How to Write for SEO

How We Increased Our Blog Traffic by 284%

SEO Trends to Look for in 2018

SEO for the Holidays

Why Does SEO Need So Much Content?

Remarketing: What It Is and Why You Need It

6 Tips for Working with Your Web Designer

Is Your Online Presence Mobile-Friendly?

16 Ways to Use LinkedIn More Effectively [Infographic]

Why Does SEO Take So Long?

How Do You Start an Email Marketing Campaign that Actually Works?

Why You Should Look at More than Price When Choosing an SEO Company

Video Marketing to Millennials

What is Ruining Your E-Commerce Conversions?

Does Your Company’s Size Affect Your SEO Strategy?

When Social Media Marketing Goes Wrong – And What You Can Do about It

16 Ways to Use LinkedIn Effectively

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

When Should You Start Up a Google AdWords Campaign?

Using AI in SEO to Improve UX

How to Build a Lucrative Relationship with Your SEO Agency

What Happens if You’re a Target of an SEO Attack?

5 Tools and Techniques to Help You Improve Your Blogging Today

The Top Five Conversion Killers and How to Fix Them

How to Completely Fail at Influencer Outreach

How to Identify Industry Influencers and Why You Should

What to Expect From Your SEO Company

Get Your Social Media Ducks in a Row

How to Build a Social Media Campaign From Scratch

Why Is Your Website Loading So Slow, and What Can You Do About It?

9 Ingredients for a Successful Social Media Strategy

Optimizing for YouTube’s Algorithm: Is It That Much Different from Google’s?

How SEO is Like Baseball

Writing Clickable Titles That Don’t Get Accused of Being Clickbait


Can a Small Business Use AdWords Successfully?

The Website Toolshed: Part I

A Mostly Brief Guide to Writing Better Web Content

10 WordPress Plugins That are Essential for SEO

What is an SEO Specialist?

Why You Might Be Using Keyword Rankings in All the Wrong Ways

Link Building That Doesn’t Suck

Why Content Marketing Works (And Always Will)

Things to Consider When Re-Doing Your Website

7 Signs It’s Time to Talk to an SEO Agency

Why Are Customers Leaving Without Buying?

Why Subdomains are a Bad Idea for Your Website and Blog

How Are Businesses Using Video in 2017?

Does Your Content Marketing Get In the Way of Your Content Delivery?

4 Important Google Analytics Metrics You Should Know and Understand

Simple SEO for Startups

SEO, PPC, or Both? What is Right for Your Website?

23 Search Engine Facts and Stats You Oughta Know

If You're Dominating SEO Do You Still Need PPC? (Or Vice Versa)

Why You Should Be Using Video for Content Marketing Right Now

Get Ahead of SEO Trends in 2017

Does Your Domain Name Affect Your SEO?

9 Ways to Make Your Content Marketing More Effective

The Ten Commandments Of Pinterest

The Most Pinned Content about Black Friday

Can You Audit Your PPC Account in 10 Minutes or Less?

10 Things to Ask Your SEO Company Before Signing Anything

The Real Value of Social Media for Your Business

Why AdWords is Important to Your Online Success

How to Craft the Perfect Facebook Ad

Why You Should Be Running Video Ads on Facebook

New eBook: How to Conquer a Competitive Industry with Internet Marketing

SEO Competitive Analysis: A Guide to Beating the Competition

4 SEO Myths Completely Busted

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Rankings

Starting an AdWords Campaign When You’ve Never Done AdWords Before

Online Marketing for Black Friday – The Ultimate Guide

How to Choose an SEO Company (and Feel Great about It)

In-House vs Outsourced SEO: How to Determine Your Best Option

SEO: 3 Paths to Get It Done

SLC|DMC 2016 Friday Afternoon Session – Organic Search Marketing

SLC|DMC 2016 Friday Morning Session – Organic Search Marketing

SLC|DMC 2016 – Thursday Afternoon Session Paid Search Marketing

SLC|DMC 2016 – Thursday Morning Session Paid Search

11 Types of Videos You Should Be Making Right Now

Net Neutrality Wins!

18 Social Media Tools Worth a Closer Look

What You Need To Know About HTTP v HTTPS

Seth Godin's Top Socially Shared Posts

2016 Digital Marketing Trends

Link Building Strategies for 2016

The 8 Things You Need To Do For Every Image on Your WordPress Website

SEO Forecast for 2016

Does Grammar Matter in Content Marketing?

7 Tips for Social Media Optimization

One Simple Tip To Boost Your PPC Performance Using Google AdWords Remarketing

Content Vs. Analytics

Google+ Changes

Lee Odden Keynote: Be the Best Answer – SLC|SEM Digital Marketing Conference 2015

Duane Forrester Keynote: The Future of Digital Marketing – SLC|SEM Digital Marketing Conference 2015

David Locke Keynote: Extending the Moment – SLC|SEM Digital Marketing Conference 2015

Cyrus Shepard Keynote: Human Optimized SEO – SLC|SEM Digital Marketing Conference 2015

3 Big-Name Companies You Should Take Social Media Lessons From

The Top 50 Most Socially Shared Twitter Marketing Articles for the Past 6 Months

Facebook Introduces Instant Articles

Update: Google begins using information from indexed apps as ranking factor

5 Ways to Destroy Business Credibility in Less Than One Minute

Old-timey SEO Strategies (and why we don’t do them anymore)

Google Algorithm Update Promotes Mobile-Friendly Searching

Proving the Value of SEO

The Evolution of SEO

What is a Modern SEO Specialist?

Balancing the Need for Evergreen and Real-Time Content

Five Content Marketing Metrics You Don’t Know But Should

Digital Marketing IS Marketing

Webinar Recording: Five Content Marketing Metrics You (are not tracking, but) Should Track

Can Google Determine the Level of Quality in Your Content?

10 Tips For Writing High Quality, Engaging Website Copy

SEO for Ecommerce Websites

Migrating to HTTPS: How SSL Impacts Search Engine Rankings

How To Win At Local SEO Optimization Through Content

Is Your Social Media Strategy a Supreme Turn off?

6 Tips to Optimize Your Homepage

Why is a Responsive Website So Important?

Be a Better Business Blogger

How to Keep Generating More Content (That’s Actually Valuable)

SEO.com Online Content Collective, July 21, 2014

What Do the Largest Websites Have in Common? What Can We Learn From Them?

Is Tumblr Really a Valid Marketing Tool?

Frustrations With Resumes And Interviews

Social Media for the Small Business

SEO.com Online Content Collective, July 14, 2014 – SEO

How to Really Win With Article Marketing

If You Are Measuring Your Success by Keyword Rankings, You’re Doing it Wrong! Pt. 1

Top 90 Socially Shared Content Marketing Blog Posts

Creating Content that Pushes Buttons

SEO.com Online Content Collective July 7, 2014

How Influencer Marketing Can Change Everything

SEO Dos and Don’ts, or Why You Shouldn’t Link Build and What to Do Instead

How Small Businesses Can Get the Most Out of Yelp

Really BAD Design Advice

SEO.com Online Content Collective June 30, 2014

Two Visually Appealing Ways to Create or Repurpose Content

Do You Dare Take Marketing Risks?

Using Content Marketing for Customer Retention

The Perfect Model for Organic Search Traffic Acquisition

SEO.Com Online Content Collective, June 23, 2014

How Images Help Generate Results

You May Not Make the Logo, But Do You Know How to Manage It?

Display Advertising that Actually Works

Why Your Business Should Stop Being Too Cool for Tumblr

SEO.com Online Content Collective, June 16, 2014

Top Socially Shared PPC Content

You Can Now Merge Your Google+ Business Page with Your Google+ Local Page

Working with a Web Development Agency: How to Get the Site Your Business Needs

The Right to Be Forgotten: Striking Results from Google

Online Content Collective, May 9, 2014 – Content Marketing

How Social Media Impacts the Way People Search Online

How to Find the One: Selecting the Right 3rd Party for Any Business Function

Online Content Collective, May 1, 2014 - Marketing

Building a Business on Borrowed Ground

Online Content Collective, April 21, 2014 - Social

Online Content Collective, April 10, 2014 - Conversion

6 Ways to Rank Higher on YouTube

Online Content Collective, April 3, 2014 - SEO

Online Content Collective, March 21, 2014 – PPC

Don’t Fear the Algo Change: Forward Thinking SEO

Content Collective, March 13, 2014 - Social Media

Self-taught SEO for the non-SEO Marketer

Online Content Collective – March 6, 2014 -Conversion Optimization

Online Content Collective - February 27, 2014

Why Your Site is Missing from Google

10 Local Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

SEO.com Online Content Collective - February 18, 2014

What's the Point of Social Media Marketing?

Online Content Collective, February 10, 2014 – Content Marketing

7 Types of Marketers and Their Common Traits

SEO.com Online Content Collective – February 3, 2014

New eBook: The Perfect Pinterest Formula

SEO.com Online Content Collective – January 27, 2014

Is Guest Blogging Really Dead?

SEO.com Acquires PurePPC.com to Offer Expanded Online Marketing Services

SEO.com Online Content Collective – January 20, 2014

Why Kmart’s Holiday Commercials are Smart Marketing

The Most Viral YouTube Videos of 2013

SEO.com Online Content Collective – January 6, 2014

SEO.com Online Content Collective – The Best 13 of 2013

29 Free Resources for Creating Online Visual Content

The Search Science Behind College Football BCS Games

We (Mostly) Told You So: A Look Back at Our 2013 Predictions

Online Content Collective November 25, 2013

Online Content Collective November 18, 2013

Online Content Collective November 11, 2013

SEO.com Online Content Collective November 4, 2013

Target Practice: Details Designers Need from Marketers to Aim for Success

Online Content Collective October 28, 2013

15 Small Budget Marketing Ideas

Online Content Collective October 21, 2013

Is Instagram a Valid Marketing Tool?

Online Content Collective October 14, 2013

SEO.com Online Content Collective October 7, 2013

Using Pinterest to Leverage Marketing Efforts

SEO.com Online Content Collective September 30, 2013

Google Plus: The Ultimate Guide to Ultimate Guides

Google Moves to Make All Search Data Secure

SEO.com Online Content Collective September 23, 2013

Why You Should Embed Google Plus Posts

SEO.com Online Content Collective September 16, 2013

Benefits of SEO Services beyond Search Engine Rankings

SEO.com Online Content Collective September 9, 2013

Targeting Users Around the Globe: When and How You Should Use the Hreflang Attribute

SEO.com Sponsors Corporate Challenge for Racing with Passion 5K

Why Link Earning is the Way of the Future

SEO.com Online Content Collective August 26, 2013

SEO.com Online Content Collective, August 19, 2013

How to Utilize LinkedIn Groups for Your Business

SEO.com Online Content Collective, August 12, 2013

Social Sponsoring: Making the Most of Your Company’s Sponsorships

SEO.com Online Content Collective, August 5, 2013

How to Survive Search Engine Updates: Ignore Them

SEO.com Online Content Collective, July 29, 2013

SEO.com Online Content Collective, July 22, 2013

SEO.com Announces Boyd Norwood as New President of the Company

11 Amazing Tools For Generating Blog Topic Ideas

SEO.com Content Collective, July 15, 2013

12 Tips on Creating the G.O.A.T Editorial Calendar

SEO.com Content Collective, July, 8 2013

Earning Links vs. Building Links

Increase Conversions Through Highly Optimized Landing Pages – Part 2

SEO.com Content Collective, July 1, 2013

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Webinars

SEO.com Content Collective, June 24, 2013

Make Your Website Look Official With Its Own Custom Favicon

SEO.com Content Collective, June 17

How A Site Doubled It’s Repins By Using The Perfect Pin Formula

Increase Conversions Through Highly Optimized Landing Pages - Part 1

What Fishing Taught Me About Online Marketing

Search Tools for Local Businesses Provided By Google

Modern Marketing In The Digital Age

4 Simple Tactics For Increased Exposure On SlideShare

SEO & PPC: Working Together To Maximize Returns

Why Your Business Should Be On Foursquare Now!

How Your Small Business Can Find Time For Social Media

Image Optimization Tips For Online Stores

Prove The Value of SEO With These Free Google Analytics Dashboards

5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

How To Create An Epic Slideshare Deck

5 Ways To Improve User Experience Through Better Anchor Text

How To Grow Your Business With REAL Social Media Goals and KPIs

Social Collaboration: SEO and Content Marketing's Missing Link

5 Handy Chrome Extensions Any Digital Marketer Will Love

Get More Mileage From Your Content Through Repurposing

How To Add Schema Markup To Your Blog Content

How Has The Internet Changed Education? [Infographic]

How To Create Killer Pinterest Graphics With PowerPoint

Small Business Social Media 101: How To Get Started

10 Keys To A Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Beyond Blogs: Inject Variety Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

The Making of SEO.com - A New Hope

5 Reasons Your Small Business Should Be Using Quora

4 ‘Easter Eggs’ To Find Across Google

3 Types Of Content For A Well-Balanced Content Marketing Strategy

102 Things I've Learned About Internet Marketing

The March Madness Guide To SEO

Google Reader is DEAD! #BooHoo: Get Over It!

Advice For Businesses Dealing With Negative Online Reviews

Report Shows Mobile To Drive Third Of Paid Search Clicks By End Of 2013

The State of SEO: The Experts Weigh In - Part III

The Developer's Guide To Optimizing A WordPress Site

Google+: The Platform Built For Your Business

On-Page SEO: Past, Present & Future

The State of SEO: The Experts Weigh In- Part II

Changes To Google+ Profiles Rolling Out

5 Ways To Build Your Google Author Rank Right Now

Peter Shankman Takes Utah: Tips For Businesses Building Their Social Brand

71 Chrome Extensions for Blogging & SEO

Navigate the Great Google Sea with Power Searching

6 Critical Questions To Ask An SEO Agency Before You Even Think About Signing

Tracking Google Searches During The Oscars

The State of SEO: The Experts Weigh In - Part I

3 Simple Gmail Hacks To Keep You Organized

Danny Sullivan Presents At SLC|SEM's February Event

Juice Up Your SEO Campaign With Authoritative Directories

Why Businesses Should Optimize Their Websites For Mobile Users

The Definitive Guide for Mobile Website Optimization

How To Set Up A WordPress Blog In 30 Minutes Or Less

5 Ways SEOs say "I Love You"

Google Search and the State of the Union

How to Become More Visible on Facebook’s Newsfeed

Thank You For Registering

Best Practices & Trends for Online Marketing in 2013

How To Write Compelling Content For A Boring Industry

How To Create A Google Places Listing In 10 Steps

How To Take A Street Sweeper To Your Backlink Portfolio

Anchor Text Isn’t Dead, But It’s On A Feeding Tube

A Practical Guide To Broken Link Building

How Do Social Signals Influence an SEO Campaign?

The Link: SEO.com's Newsletter January 2013

5 Step Guide To Set Up Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2013

Be Seen in 2013: Optimizing Mobile Paid Search Campaigns

[Infographic] SEO Top Trumps - Influencers in the SEO Industry

5 Things You Should Never Say To An SEO Expert

13 Predictions You Should Be Aware Of For 2013 - Video

Facebook Tests Single-Column Timeline Design

How To Set Up Google+ Communities

Conquering Pinterest: 10 Ways To Drive Traffic And Increase Sales Through Smart Pinning

The Pinterest Effect - What The Future Holds

How To Make Authorship Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

How To Boost Your Traffic With Pinnable Images

SEO Tips for 2013: Author Rank, Co-occurrence and More

Our Top 12 Blog Posts of 2012

Quality Guest Blogging: Red Flags that Can Kill Your SEO Efforts

The Link: SEO.com's Newsletter December 2012

What 'Peaked' Our Interest In 2012? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why your bad research is killing your SEO

3 Reasons To Get Your In-House Experts Blogging Right Now

9 SEO Ranking Techniques of Christmas Past

Infographics vs. Infocrapics: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

4 Sins of Bad Writing to Avoid

How To Convince Your Boss You Need SEO Services

The Most Awesome Day Two Recap of BlueGlassX

Craving Brains: How Not To Be a Zombie Writer

The Most Awesome Day One Recap of BlueGlassX

How To Setup Or Convert To A Pinterest Business Account

5 Things Bloggers Can Learn From Kanye West

SEO Crash Course: 3-Part Video Series

How To Write A Scannable Blog Post That Will Keep Visitors On Your Page

Six Characteristics Of Authoritative Links

3 Ways To Make Your Website Visitors Bounce

Spammy Guest Blogging: A Continuation on Matt Cutts’ Latest Video

SEO Tips From Industry Experts: An Infographic And Ebook

The Link: SEO.com's Newsletter November 2012

Are Google's Algorithms Running Faster Than They Can? A Look at the New Link Disavow Tool

Email Marketing Results Hour By Hour [Infographic]

Quick Tips on Google Algorithm Impact Detection & Resolution

Site Search In Google Analytics: This Report Is MONEY!

Traditional News In A Social Media World

The Best Way To Develop an Optimized Mobile Website

Mobile Security Monster Mash [Infographic]

5 Monthly Website Maintenance Tips for Small Businesses

Five Ways To Get People Talking About Your Blog

4 Unmatched Sources To Track Google Algorithm Updates

Keyword Research In 15 Minutes Or Less

Google Webmaster Guidelines Update: Cracking Down On Rich Snippets

What the Bing! Should You Make The Switch?

The Link — SEO.com's Newsletter September 2012

Create Your Own Damn News

What Is Duplicate Content? [Video FAQ]

3 Things Beginner SEO Specialists Should Be Good At

Congrats To Our Clients Who Have Been Named To The Prestigious Inc. 5000 List

Squeeze More Out of Your Customers - Five Easy Ways To Grow Your Online Sales

11 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Blog Outreach

Oh! So, It's Like Facebook, But For Other Things

Why Is Flash Bad For SEO? - [Video FAQ]

7 Web Design Practices of Yesteryear to Avoid

11 Actionable Tips For Better SEO Project Management

How Do I Choose Between a .com, .org, or .net Domain Name?

4 More Winners To Go: Enter The SEO.com Small Business SEO Giveaway

9 Ways To Organize Content Hubs Within Your Blog

The Link — SEO.com's Newsletter August 2012

Tracking Both Online & Offline Marketing Efforts Through Call Tracking And Web Analytics

How Do I Set Up Google Alerts? [Video FAQ]

5 Tips To Convert Website Visitors 
Into More Leads
 & Sales

SEO.com Named to the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America

Using Mobile Search On Vacation [Infographic]

How Do I Improve My Page Load Speed? [Video FAQ]

Phygital Marketing: Where the Physical and Digital Worlds Converge

Local Search Dream Team - Tips, Tools & Predictions

16 Public Relations Tools and Tactics That Can Help Grow Your Business

Using Social Media To Build Links & Impact Your SEO

Can SEO Help Remove Negative Listings From The Search Engines? [Video FAQ]

31 Must-Read SEO Experiments and Test Findings

SEO.com Outgrows Former Digs, Moves into New Office in Draper, Utah

Buffer vs. Timely: Should You Be Automating Social Media In The First Place?

London 2012 Socialympics [Infographic]

Search Engine Optimization vs. User Experience Optimization

What Makes a Good Domain Name? [Video FAQ]

The Link -- SEO.com's Newsletter July 2012

MozCon Day 3 Recap - SEO Project Management by Alyeda Solis

MozCon Day 3 Recap - A New Form of Conversion Rate Optimization by Joanna Lord

Google+ SEO & Authorship with AJ Kohn: Mozcon Day 2 Recap

Mozcon Day 2 Recap: How to Earn Links Without Doing Anything

Mozcon Day 2 Recap: A Secret Algo Project Launch

MozCon Day 2 Recap - Online Reputation Management

Mozcon 2012 Recap - High ROI Content Strategies For SEO

How Relationships Drive Link Building - MozCon 2012 Recap

Build the Agile SEO Framework - Mozcon 2012 Recap

MozCon 2012 Recap - Community As Inbound

35 Link Building Tips from Paddy Moogan at Mozcon

How To Pull Custom Google Analytics Reports Into Google Spreadsheets

10 Things You Must Do To Prepare Your Business For SEO

Dive Deeper: Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Site

Still a Young Company, SEO.com, an Internet Marketing Firm, Is One of The Fastest Growing Businesses in Utah

What is Bounce Rate? [Video FAQ]

What Is Going On In The SERPs?

What is Conversion Rate Optimization? [Video FAQ]

XML Sitemaps And Your Website

Google Panda Update Up Close [Infographic]

The New Link Ecology In A Post Penguin World

Content Marketing: How To Sell Executives On The Idea & Cost

The Link -- SEO.com's Newsletter June 2012

Using Google Analytics for Conversion Optimization Webinar Recap

SEO.com Goes Local: Presentations, Giveaways & Webinar For Local Search

The Science of Local Search Made Simple

Site Migration Cheat Sheet - How To Quickly & Easily Move Wordpress To A New Domain

SEO.com Has Advice For Business Owners Struggling To Recover From Latest Google Changes

What Are The Advantages of Static vs Dynamic URLs in SEO? [Video]

Believe The Hype: Why Instagram Is Relevant To SEO And Branding – Part 2

SEO.com Drives Online Visibility for Small Businesses by Giving Back

Do You Speak SEO? Ten Terms You Want to Know

Why Does My Competitor's Ugly Site Rank Above Me? [Video FAQ]

5 Link Building Strategy Essentials

Believe The Hype: Why Instagram Is Relevant To SEO And Branding - Part 1

Secrets To Launching Successful Pinterest Marketing Campaigns - The Experts Weigh In

How to Use Web Analytics to Improve Website Conversions

What Is Linkbait and How Does Linkbait Work? [Video]

Introducing Google+ Local: Google Places Meets Google+

Links and Outings and Guidelines. Oh My!

4th Annual Jell-O Snarf Crowns New Champion [Video]

With Today's IPO, Will May 18, 2012 Now Be Known As Facebook Day?

The Link -- SEO.com's May Newsletter

5 Content Marketing Strategy Fundamentals

10 Ways to Maximize Your SEO Budget

Build Natural Links Through Existing Marketing Strategies – Part II

Implement These 10 SEO Tips, You Must

7 Habits of Highly Effective SEOs

Online vs. Industry Competitors: How To Evaluate Them

20 Ways to BE Authentic in Your Internet Marketing & SEO, Not Just Look Authentic

Build Natural Links Through Existing Marketing Strategies - Part 1

How to Recover from the Penguin Webspam Update: Tips from SMX Toronto

Google Pushes Webspam Algorithm Update

Reasons To Redesign Your Website - Infographic

Auditing Your Link Building Portfolio BEFORE Google’s Over-Optimization Penalty Hits

SEO.com Will Host Webinar to Explore Impacts of the Panda Algorithm Update on Content

The Link -- SEO.com's April Newsletter

4 Tenets Your Social Media Should Live By

SEO.com President Volunteers for International DECA Competition

Tutorial: How to Get Google Webmaster Tools Data on Windows With Python

Impact of Google’s Panda Update on Content

5 Lessons Learned from Shark Tank's Daymond John at Google+ Hangout Event

Steps to Take After Receiving an Unnatural Links Warning from Google Webmaster Tools

Selling with Integrity: SEO.com Sponsors BYU Marriott School’s Sales Idol Finals

3 Things SEOs Can Learn From TED

Redesigning Your Website For Users & Crawlers

Image SEO Ranking Tips

The SEO.com Road Trip To #SXSW – A Journey For Charity

3 Ways to Buy Links and Help People

‘Shark Tank’ Panelist Will Use Google+ to Address Students

Redesign Your Website: When, Why, and How

Duplicate Content – How Many Homepages Do You Have?

What Business Owners Need to Know About Google's Coming Algorithm Update

Write for People AND for Robots: How to Craft Content that Works for Your Customers and for Google

Keyword Research: How to Target Low Hanging Fruit with Google Analytics

Situation-Specific Link Building Strategies for a Solid SEO Campaign

5 Ways To Turn Social Media Feedback Into Valuable Business Data

The Secret Potion of SEO: Dos and Don’ts of Writing SEO Press Releases

Conference Will Let Professors and Industry Experts Weigh in on the Ethics of Search Engine Optimization

Marketing Your Small Business For Under $5 Per Month (Phase 2)

SEO.com Participates in National Charity Road Trip that Aims to Teach Students about Social Media

The Link -- SEO.com's March Newsletter

Google – Getting Into The 2012 Election

3 Actionable Tactics For Content Creation Using Quora

Brand It: Four Ways to Brand Your Business via Pinterest - Part 3

Which Version of My Domain Should I Use? [Video FAQ]

4 Competitive Reports Your SEO Will Die Without

So You Want to Rank In Google?

How To Leverage Pinterest In Your SEM Strategy - Part 2

What is SEO? Despite Industry Growth, Tech Term Still Not a Household Name

Explode Your Keyword List Right - Part 4

An SEO Campaign Is Like a Marathon

Pinterest... What Is The Big Deal? - Part 1

One Business’s Social Media Marketing Mistake & What You Can Learn From It

How Can I Track my SEO Rankings? [Video FAQ Series]

3 Keys to Making a Good First Impression With Your Website

9 Quality Blogs to Help Learn SEO

Mrs. Fields


Blade Ops

City Pass


Win $1000 Cash! Enter The Mad SEO Scientist Guest Blogging Contest

How Google Alerts Can Help You Find Link Opportunities

What is a Link Farm? [Video FAQ Series]

Public Speaking Event at UVU - Thursday, March 8

The Link -- SEO.com's February Newsletter

Create a Killer SEO Team


How To Get More High Quality, Natural Links

Actionable Video SEO for Marketers

Beyond Keyword Research: Why You Should Be Looking At Consumer Behavior

How To Successfully Pitch A Blogger For A Guest Post

Explode Your Keyword List Right - Part 3

Small Businesses: Does Your Communication Style Match Your Customers?

14 Tips to Get the Most Out of Blogging

Marketing Your Small Business For Under $5 Per Month (Phase 1)

Top 7 iPad Apps for SEOs

Stop SOPA – Join the Largest Online Protest in History

Small Business and Marketing [Infographic]

SEO for YouTube Tips – Writing Titles

Officials from Bing.com, Sundance Film Festival, SEO.com Will Speak at January Marketing Event in Salt Lake City

Explode Your Keyword List Right - Part 2

5 Things I Missed In Blogging Last Year

Five Steps to Getting More Testimonials or Reviews

The Link -- SEO.com's January Newsletter

We Can Disallow Pages, Why Can’t We Disallow Links?

When Bing is More Important than Google

Say Hello to Recognition

How to Write LinkBait Content Like a Boss

Make Change: The Joy Of Giving

Review: Top 3 SEO Wordpress Plugins

SEO.com Celebrates Growth in 2011

Explode Your Keyword List Right - Part 1

Why is Content Important for SEO? [Video FAQ Series]

What is a 404 Page? [Video FAQ Series]

Top SEO Industry Highlights During My First Year at SEO.com

Should You Do SEO and PPC Together? [Video FAQ Series]

Get Your Social Media House In Order For 2012

What is a Social Bookmarking Site? [Video FAQ Series]

Supercharge Your Blogging by Leveraging Offline Content

How Do I Rank in Maps? [Video FAQ Series]

What is Bing Webmaster Tools? [Video FAQ Series]

Facebook 101: Schools Offer Social Media Classes to the Next Generation of Marketers

What is a Deep Link? [Video FAQ Series]

How Do I Write SEO Friendly Content? [Video FAQ]

What is Original Content? [Video FAQ Series]

The Link -- SEO.com's December Newsletter

SEO.com named as one of the top 20 e-commerce Businesses in Utah

Google's Updated Menu Bar

What is the Panda Update? [Video FAQ Series]

Internet Marketers Offer Last-minute Tips for Businesses Trying to Lure Holiday Shoppers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping [Infographic]

12 Free SEO Tools of 2011 to be Grateful For

5 Content Pieces That Can Help You Build Site Authority

10 Incredible Face-Melting Google Tricks

The Link -- SEO.com's November Newsletter

Pubcon Las Vegas Day 3 - Key Takeaways

Pubcon Las Vegas Day 2 - Key Takeaways

Introducing G+ Business Pages

PubCon Key Takeaways - November 8, 2011

Google's Latest "Freshness" Algorithm To Affect 35% of Searches

Movember is for Moustachery

Quick Link Building Wins via Infographic Directories

Proving the Value of SEO [Slide Deck]

Black Hat SEO: Killing Your Rankings [Infographic]

Do You Use Data Providers To Boost Your Local Search Results?

SEO.com Claims Spot Among Utah's Fastest-Growing Companies

Learn to SEO Like a Pro

Google Search Becomes More Secure

SEO.com named top Search Marketing Firm by Website Magazine

New Group of Search Marketers are Putting Utah on the Map

The Link -- SEO.com's October Newsletter

How I Found 400 Qualified Link Prospects In Eight Minutes

Are You Asking The Right SEO Questions - Part II

Businesses woo customers in Twitter chats

Is your Marketing Searchcentric? It Needs to Be

Are You Asking The Right SEO Questions? Part 1

Google+ Introduces Open Signups

SEO and PR -- Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Congrats to our Clients on the Inc. 5000

SEO.com Named Top Search Marketing Agency By Website Magazine

The Link -- SEO.com's September Newsletter

Google Announces Reclassification Of Backlinks

2 New Google Analytics Reports for SEO

Are you Getting the Most out of Link Building?

The Stars of Search Marketing [Infographic]

List Pages To Appear With Snippets In Search Results

The Secrets of Local Search Marketing (Webinar Summary)

New Share Feature on Google+ Using +1 Button

New Google Sitelink Improvements

Learn the Secrets of Google's Local Search

Is Twitter Myspacing?

Many leaving traditional jobs to pursue careers in Internet marketing

Google+ Now A Part Of Social Search Results

[Infographic] Google Wages War on Spam

Google’s Panda Branching Out To Include Additional Languages

A Fresh Look For Yahoo Image Search

Link Building: Two Categories, One Goal

4 SEO Personalities Essential to a Team

Getting The Most Out of Your Guest Blogging Efforts

A New Way To Submit URLs to Google

This Week in “Commonly Asked Search Marketing Questions”

The Link -- SEO.com's August Newsletter

5 Tools to See a Website Like a Search Engine

Online Advertising Gets Easier With Google AdWords Express

Christmas in July - Prepare for the Rush

This Week in "Commonly Asked Search Marketing Questions"

Google Places Page Update Means You Need Google Native Reviews

Create and Find Infographics with Visual.ly

Seven Chrome Extensions (and One Request) for Google Plus

Supercharge Your Business With a Product Trailer

Update Your Google Product Search Feed by September

SMX Advanced Part 2

Testing the First Link Priority Rule

ICANN Approves New Domains (TLDs)

Interview: Rand Fishkin Dishes on Google

The Future of Google Plus and Google Circles

Utah SEOs Pack First MozCation Tour Stop

SMX Advanced

Two Must Have Filters for Google Analytics

New Google Products Will Impact SEO

With SEO, You Get What You Pay For!

The Buzz on Long Tail Keywords [Infographic]

Google +1 Your Website to Make it Standout

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Jell-O champion claims victory again

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Zuckerberg, conservative senator: an unlikely duo

Senator says Zuckerberg 'No. 1 attraction in the whole high tech world'

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Eight Easy Steps to Choosing a Domain Name

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So you think SEO is expensive?

Google's Mission Statement: The Key to Long-Term SEO Success

The Facebook God is Coming to Utah

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SEO.com Hosts March Madness Webinar Week

When to Quit Your Day Job

March Madness Webinar Week

How to Write for Your Website or Blog

5 Steps to Killer Keyword Research

Why Big Brands Influence SEO and How Small Brands Can Benefit

How to Start Reputation Management BEFORE You Have Problems

How to Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool for SEO

12 More SEO Idiots (or Experts) to Avoid

Content Farm Update Conspiracy?

Changing Landscape in Google’s SERPs May Indicate a Shift in Relevancy

Evidence Google is Ignoring the Title Tag

Press Releases Unhinged

How to Keep Your SEO Well Groomed

Is Your SEO in Good Hands? Response to the JCPenney Disaster

33 Ways to Measure Your Online Competition

Is Utah a Hub for the Best SEO Companies?

SEO.com Adds Combined Weight of an Elephant [infographic]

The Ultimate Nose Hair Waxing Event 2011 (Video)

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New Local Search Webinar

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YouTube Video Optimization Webinar

Summary of 2011 Online Marketing Predictions -- Cast Your Vote!

Your Website and the Butt-Brush Effect

7 Rules of Social Media and Creating Trust Around Your Brand, via Peter Shankman

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How SEO Avoids Website Prosopagnosia and Makes Your Site Memorable

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Search Engine Optimization: Know Before You Go

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On-Page SEO Webinar

Few Brave SEOs Conquered 'Movember'

Identifying and Combating Duplicate Content Issues

Content Marketing Optimization Session with Lee Odden - PubCon 2010

Tools for Competitive Intelligence Session - PubCon 2010

Information Architecture with Ted Ulle - PubCon 2010

The Future of Search - Tim Mayer Keynote at PubCon 2010

Use 'Twinkie Diet' Example to Make Your Marketing Messages Stick

Highlights From Pubcon 2010 Social Media Keynote Panel

Day 1: Ecommerce and Shopping Cart Optimization Recap - PubCon 2010

Day 1: Online Reputation Management Session - PubCon 2010

David Pogue Keynote - PubCon 2010

SEOs Writing Novels in 30 Days? Hey, Matt Cutts is Doing it and We Are Too

7 Crude Links -- If Link Building Was Oil Drilling (Infographic)

The Seven Ghosts of SEO

7 Social Media Activities To Outsource

SEO.com Grabs Emerging Elite Award for Second-Straight Year

7 Halloween SEO Stories (To Read In The Dark)

7 PPC Advantages to the Yahoo/Bing Merger

7 Difficult Client Expectations You WILL Encounter in SEO (And How to Fix Them)

7 Fixes to Communication Problems with SEO Clients

SEO.com Helps Needy Children ‘Ascend’ up the Search Engines and Out of Poverty

Workshop & Webinar: Cornucopia of Search

7 Pitfalls that Will Devastate Your Website Conversion Rate

7 SEO Idiots (I Mean 'Experts') to Avoid

7 Steps to Writing Good SEO Website Copy that Humans Will Read

Webinar: SEO for Online Retailers

Quit Screwing Around, Punch Your Website Visitors in the Face

Split Testing - Knowing is Half the Battle, Part 4

Local Search Webinar

SEO.com Survives 2nd Whitewater Trip

Simplify. Track Goals. Sell More Stuff.

Walk Steve Walk, For Kids That Can't

Google Instant -- Instantly Changing the Way We Search?

Split Testing - Knowing is Half the Battle, Part 3

Internet Marketing Affiliate Program Enables Anyone to Offer SEO.com Services

SEO.com Welcomes Affiliates

If Internet Marketing Was a Football Team: Position-by-Position Breakdown

SEO for eCommerce Part Two: Poor Site Structure

5 Ways Clients Trip Up Their Own SEO

SEO.com Launches Local Search Service with Boostability.com Partnership; on Track for Record Year

Building Tracking URLs for Google Analytics

Split Testing - Knowing is Half the Battle, Part 2

4 Reasons Why the 301 is a Must

Conversion Optimization Webinar

Debate: The Necessity of the 301

Split Testing - Knowing is Half the Battle, Part 1

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3 Conversion Busters You Can Easily Fix Today

Now Businesses Can Respond To Google Places Reviews (Google Local)

SEO.com Welcomes New President and CEO

Four Tips to Effectively Manage Data in an SEO World

SEO.com Hosts UTC Industry Breakfast; Ancestry.com CEO to Speak

18 Simple SEO Items Commonly Missed in Web Development

So Your Industry Is Boring - Don’t Let That Keep You Out of Social Media

SEO.com and SEMPO Webinar: How to Perform a Technical Audit, July 22

5 PPC Management Blunders That Will Burn Your Cash

Yahoo Will Begin Testing Bing Powered Results This Month

Real Time SEO: Monitor Your Brand & Build Links Simultaneously

Interactions - The Hidden Force of Conversion

Foursquare Challenge Now in Full Swing; 3 Companies Selected

SEO.com Named Utah’s 6th Fastest Growing Business; Two-Time UVEF Award Winner

Your Viral Content Stinks (and How You Can Fix it)

What's in a Name? The Process of Naming Your Business

2nd Annual Office Olympics

UVEF’s Top 25 Under Five is Back Again

Visualize More Links and Traffic -- Ranking the Best SEO Infographics

Number One is Money -- How to Prove It

Burger King Stole My Man Card With Lame Twilight Cup

Do it Yourself or Hire an SEO Company?

'I Want My $2!' -- The Power of SEO with Conversion

From WTC: Use Creepy Pictures (and other stuff) to Build a Loyal Client Base

Your Website Visitors Are Talking to You

Google Caffeine Is Live... Now What?

Is It Time To Give Google Buzz Another Look?

Google Caffeine Is Live!

SEO.com Employees Drop Fat Percentage by 218 Percent

Foursquare Webinar

SEO for eCommerce Part One: Content Woes

Foursquare Specials: Which One Is Right For Your Business?

An SEO’s Introduction to Quora, a New Social Site

SEO.com on Verge of Demystifying Foursquare’s ROI Potential

Yahoo Redesigns Image and Video Search Pages to Show Trending Results

Walk on Water with Viral Video

How to Build Links to my Website

Google Ends Community Editing In Maps

Strategic Link Building That Drives Huge Results

Customer Stealing: Use Location Based Marketing To Your Advantage

Reputation Management Webinar

8 Tools to Better Understand Your Target Audience

Google AdWords Adds Ad Extensions Tab

Learn SEO Advanced [VIDEO]

Do Small Businesses Need To Pay Attention To Foursquare?

Yandex Global Search - the Good, the Bad, and the Yugly

Creating a Consistent Offline to Online Branding Experience

WTC Recap: Mitch Joel, Chris Brogan, and Julien Smith on SEO and its Future

SEO Webinar

Using Adwords is Like Dating Google

Statistically Insignificant Slice of Wisdom From Conversion Conference

Tap Google Map to Zap Your Mobile Map App

SEO.com Duo Named Among Top 100 Entrepreneurs in Utah

SEO.com Sponsors WTC Social Media Summit with Chris Brogan, Julien Smith and Mitch Joel

Trademarks and Symbols in Title Tags

Video Search Optimization Webinar

2,685 Reasons Why Search Marketing is Vital for Public Relations

Website Conversion Best Practices ... and When to Ignore Them, Part 1

Google Announces Mobile AdWords Management Now Available to Everyone

New Change To The Google SERPs

The Best Link Strategy Starts With Mindset

'Google Advertising Professionals' Changed to 'Google AdWords Certification'

Checklist for Changing Your URL Structure

Social Media Webinar

SEO.com Unveils New Website and Expanded Services

Battling the Ranking Confusion of Personalized Search

Google Local Business Center -- Now Google Places

Give and Take: Leveraging Company Policy for SEO

PubCon South Dallas 2010 Highlights

Discrepancies In Webmaster Tools Clickthrough Data

Please Pardon Our Dust!

Top 4 Insights from the new Google Webmaster Tools Top Search Queries Feature

Universal Search Gets Smart

Google Webmaster Tools Now Showing Clickthrough Data

Google Adds Recipes To Rich Snippet Markup

Twitter Reveals Ad Platform - Promoted Tweets

Sorenson Media and SEO.com Partner to Create Best-of-Breed Video SEO Solution

Website Loading Time Now A Ranking Factor In Google

Will Social Media Replace The Search Engines?

Want a Higher ROI From Your Website? Join Our Free Webinar

Supercharging Your SEO Campaign

Bascom Declares U.S Senate Candidacy for 2010

CSS of the Future: How CSS3 can Optimize Design

Convert More Leads With a Cleaner Website

Building a Championship Web Team with the Client

Blogging Boot Camp

Raise the Roof at the March Madness Rankings Workshop

Increase Conversions With an Old Sales Model

SEO.com Slims Down in Company Fitness Contest

Baidu PPC Changes: Similar to Google Adwords

SEO.com President Named to Utah's Top 40 Under 40

Merging Flash with SEO

Where's the Beef? How to Beef Up Your Web Design

9 Surefire Networking Tips For SEO N00bs

When Hiring a SEO Company, Don't Fire Before You Aim

Book Review: 'The Art of SEO'

Does Your Website Deserve to be Ranked?

SEO.com Supports Haiti Relief Effort Through Seth Godin Event

SEO Grows Up, Now More Than Just Links and Tags

Be Thankful

Use All the Tails in Your Search Marketing Strategy

Fonts, SEO, and Compatibility: a Designer’s Dilemma

What a Party! SEO.com & #gno Tweet-Up Video

SEO.com Brings on Executives to Fuel Big Growth in New Year

Lord of the SEO Friendly CMS

2010 Online Predictions – Part 2: Social Media

Twitter Party: SEO Tips, Pizza, $1700 in Giveaways

Seven Signs You Should Quit Your Job and Start Your Own Business

2010 Online Predictions – Part 1: Search Engines

Lower Your Website Bounce Rate in 2010

Why Aren't You Building Links From Relevant Sites?

10 Business Uses for Twitter

All I Want for Christmas is Some Organic Search Traffic

Repel Customers with These Internet Pet Peeves

Build Links By Purchasing Websites & 301 Redirecting To Your Main Domain

Merry Christmas from SEO.com

The 12 Days of Christmas: Website Disaster Style

What I Have Learned About Blogging

SEO.com Announces the Top 10 Internet Marketing Strategies of 2009

3 Common URL Problems and How to Fix Them

Don't Miss the Mark on Keyword Research

Turning Bad Search Results Into Good Landing Pages

Don’t Send Them Home: Send Traffic to a Landing Page

Debunking Press Releases

How to Screw Up a Web Project - During the Sale

How Twitter Helped Me Save Money and Stay In Shape

Is It Really Better to Give?

The Green Building Center Gets Recession Help, Wins $60,000 Ultimate Web Marketing Makeover from SEO.com

Watch Out Or You Might Get Bing Slapped!

Matt Cutts and Evan Fishkin Shaved My Head at PubCon

Rand Fishkin On Buying Links For SEO - PubCon Review

Optimizing & Ranking Videos In YouTube - PubCon Review

Keyword Research Gems From PubCon

PubCon 2009

Motorola Droid-The Honeymoon

5 Steps to the Perfect Elevator Pitch

Brand Your Competitors Into Irrelevance

The Value of Fresh Content

SEO Tricks and Treats

SEO Tricks and Treats Workshop

SEO.com Caps Record Year with ‘Emerging Elite’ Award

Keyword Research Tool Exposed: Bury the Competition

SEO.com Ranks as an Emerging Elite Company

Coming in For a Landing (Page)

SEO.com’s New Members Site Has Launched

10 Tips For Video SEO

Getting a New Site Indexed Quickly

Everything You Need To Know About SEO You Learned In Kindergarten

Online Video - Should You Care?

Turn Your Site Around with the SEO Hokey Pokey

Stop! Smell Some Roses Already!

How the US Census Bureau and Google Are the Same

Google Caffeine and Publishing Social Media

The SEO.com Tricks & Treats Workshop

Get to Know Your SEO: Dan Patterson

SEO.com Office Tour

Gary Vaynerchuk (Spoof) Promoting SEO.com's $60,000 Giveaway

Marketing Team Players

SEO.com Kicks Off $60,000 Marketing Giveaway to Aid Recession-hit Company

How to Take Your Keywords Global

Google SideWiki - Benefits, Concerns & Dangers

Charlie the Viral Unicorn

SEO.com Hosts Media and Public at Informational Open House in New Office

What I Wish DMOZ Was Like

3 Big Secrets To Leading The SEO Herd

Using Articles for Link Building

What's In a Domain?

Invest Early in Your Website to Save Money

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings, Traffic, Customers, and Sales With Contests!

Long Tail Reputation Management. Wait…What?

Website Beauty Tips

Jump Into the Whitewater for Your Clients

List of Great Firefox Plugins for SEO

Absolute URLs – Better Safe Than Sorry?

SEO Is A Lot Like Surgery

SEO.com: Optimizing Since the Middle Ages

Don’t Tell Dorothy, But There is a Place Better Than Home

4 Ways Any Business Can Benefit From Social Media

How to Design a Content Generation Strategy

When Starting a Blog…

When White Hat SEO Turns Black

5 Reasons Your Customers Are Shopping Elsewhere

Top 8 Wordpress Plugins Used by SEO.com

Another Look at rel="nofollow"

SEO.com Acquires Graphics.net, Expands to Include Search Engine-Friendly Web Design

Lessons from Sealand: How to Stake Your Website’s Claim as a Sovereign Nation

Google Caffeine - What You Need To Know!

Do You Use PPC for Your SEO to Get a Higher ROI on Your SEM?

All About Site Indexation and the Crawl Toward Real-Time Search

SEO.com Expands Team Shortly After Moving to New Office

Learn the Basics Before You Try Anything Fancy!

Top Keyword Research Tools

Is Twitter Really an Effective Internet Marketing Tool?

SEO.com Moves Office to Bluffdale, Utah to Accommodate Rapid Expansion

Does Your SEO Firm Offer X-Ray Vision?

Speaking at PageRank's Funeral

2009 Branding Campaigns Using Social Media Marketing

Hashing Out the Pros and Cons of the Microsoft-Yahoo Merger

Use Trends to Keep Your Business Rocking All Year Long

Transformers of SEO Part 2: The Decepticons

If Your SEO Skills Were a Song, What Would The Song Be?

There’s Traffic then There’s TRAFFIC

10 Link Building Strategies For New Website Or Business Owners

What the Brave Captain Searched

Google Loves Me, Google Loves Me Not

What SEOs DON’T Know

WordPress Can Help Me With SEO?

Is Your Internal Link Structure Your Enemy or Friend?

The Value of Deep Linking

SEO Generalist KOs Specialist in Surprise Upset

Synonyms Instead of Stuffing

SEO.com Named as the 17th Best Young Business in Utah

Do the Baidu

Common SEO Misconceptions

5 Ways to Spy on Your Competition

Content Strategy is More than Just Filling Space

No Rankings for You!

Sitemaps and SEO

The Hunt for the SEO Sasquatch

Removing a Ban from Google

Transformers of SEO

Really Getting to Know Your Target Market

What Aretha Franklin Teaches About Mommy Bloggers: Part 1

SEO.com Adds Five New Team Members in the Month of June

So Many Keywords So Little Time

Who is John Galt? I mean, who is Matt Cutts?

The Good The Bad and The Ugly Of SEO

25 Freshest Summer Blogging Tips

Get Down & Dirty With Your Website Code

How to Create a Huge Keyword List

How To Give Away Stuff And Make Money Doing It

Link Building – Finding the Right Site

Conversion Optimization

SEO.com Offers Free Internet Marketing Services for Utah Live-Pitch Winner

Hooking Up Your Hyperlink Rel and Not Following It

SEO.com is Selected as a Top 10 SEO Company for the Month of June

Ranking Well In the Baidu Search Engine

Hyphens or Underscores in URLs

Selecting the Right Keywords to Capture your Target Market

SEO and CSS: The Beauty, the Beast, and the Overweight

To Follow or to Nofollow...

SEO 2.0 - SEOs are Marketers Too!

SEO.com Continues Rapid Growth Despite Slumping Economy

My Keyword Density Has Popped Me To You

Using Long Tail Keyword Phrases Will Help Improve Your Site Rankings in the Search Engine Results Page

4 New Search Engines To Keep An Eye On (Or Risk Annihilation)

Be Wary of Shady SEO Deals

Say What? Keyword Density, Frequency, Prominence, & Proximity?

Caution! rel="nofollow" Discussion

Stop that Bouncing!

Google Profiles: More Than Just Rand Fishkin’s Wedding Photos

SEO Fail!

Not On Page 1? You Might As Well be On Page 30!

Keywords and Domains

SEO: It’s Just Like Fishing

What Type Of Online Traffic Converts the Best?

How to Use Social Media Metrics

When Can I Stop My SEO Campaign?

8 Step Guide to Using Facebook to Generate Links & Business

Web Two Point What?

Spring to the Top of the Search Engines!

Helping Flash Become SEO Friendly

The Search Engine World Series

SEO.com to Host “Spring to the Top” Search Marketing Workshop

Get to Know Your SEO: Seth Ellsworth

SEO Psychology: Taming the Wild Webmaster

Does the Google Sandbox Still Exist?

Open Source Content Management Systems

Cloaking – What It Is and What It Isn’t

Impossible SEO Tasks

Before You Go Global...

Get to Know Your SEO: Scott Smoot

SEO Step 1: A Great Domain Name

Your Site is Ranked, Now What?

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