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Jeff Call
Jeff is a one-time SEO.com Office Summer Olympic Bronze medal winner and a Viking. When not pillaging or plundering, Jeff, who calls himself Svenrir when no one is listening, likes to get in touch with his peace-loving side by writing Norse ballads and putting his pen to palette. After working at SEO.com, Jeff went on to work for Sony Pictures Animation Studio.

Aug 3, 2009 / by Jeff Call

Speaking at PageRank's Funeral

I came back last week from a relaxing vacation and found an email in my inbox sporting the following title: "PageRank is Dead."

Upon reading the title, my mind went blank, closing up in an effort to prevent shock. Was this

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May 20, 2009 / by Jeff Call

4 New Search Engines To Keep An Eye On (Or Risk Annihilation)

Are Search Engines the Beginning of the End?

When fiction looks to the future, humans always seem to find a way to engineer their own demise. Particularly, pop culture is rife with plotlines centering around a complex system designed to serve our

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Apr 6, 2009 / by Jeff Call

The "How SEOed are You?" Quiz

Inspired by the popularity of all those "entertaining" and "highly informative" (read also: "turgid" and "loathsome") quizzes that have spread across Facebook like fire on the savanna, and that tell me so very much about my friends and myself, I have created this quiz that asks, "How SEOed

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Mar 10, 2009 / by Jeff Call

The Waggish 10 Step SEO Guide to Finding the Success and Prestige of a Spammer

People often ask me, "Jeff, how can I become a spammer?" I don't know why. I wish they'd stop. The following guide is for them (see exhibit A). The rest of you should consider doing the opposite.
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Step 1. Forget website mission, goals, and long term growth.
Embrace deception, egotism, and the soul-less pursuit of any and all internet traffic. Go for the quick victory. If you don't have a website mission, goal or plans for long term growth, this is ok. These things only breed trust and honest success. As a spammer, you want only one thing: to ensnare your traffic. Don't worry about what THEY want, or what they may be looking for. Feel free to refer to them as "victims."

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Feb 12, 2009 / by Jeff Call

Re-Enter: The Competitive Analysis!

When I was in middle-school, comic books were AWESOME. Looking back, I notice now that in nearly every comic book, eventually there was the villain

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