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Julie Bazgan Martinez's Recent Posts

Julie Bazgan Martinez
Ruler over: All things marketing - lead generation, branding, advertising, communication Native soil: North Hollywood, CA Known in all the land for: Integrated marketing, strategic planning, digital strategies, and team building Appropriate ways to address her: “Wicked smart”, “Pain in the arse” (the good kind), and “Visionary” Off-duty, you can find her: In the garden, in the hammock, kayaking on the lake, and trying out new hot spot restaurants Featured in the local news for: Her two rescued Samoyed dogs

Aug 16, 2012 / by Julie Bazgan Martinez

Phygital Marketing: Where the Physical and Digital Worlds Converge

The digital landscape has transformed the way people communicate, share information and receive their advertising. Digital marketing can be integrated into all traditional methods of advertising and PR, making it an engagement marketing essential.

When the physical world taps into the digital world, the “phygital mashups" that are created can really

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Jul 26, 2012 / by Julie Bazgan Martinez

MozCon Day 2 Recap - Online Reputation Management

Rhea Drysdale, @rhea at Outspoken Media, began her presentation on ORM by announcing that it makes no sense that she does online reputation management because she tends to be crude and outspoken! I enjoyed listening to what she had to say and her delivery, and I have a

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Jul 25, 2012 / by Julie Bazgan Martinez

MozCon 2012 Recap - Community As Inbound

Jen Lopez at SeoMoz just finished talking about Community as Inbound and how to make it happen. Inbound marketing is what a lot of people are talking about this week at MozCon 2012. Here are a

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