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Seth Ellsworth
In adore my wife. Family is where it's at. I ball, as in 'hoopin.' I fly, as in 'fly fishin.' I drive, as in 'drive the golf ball a heckuva long ways.' And I kill SEO. Bling. And I happen to be a professional copywriter (get people to buy more stuff) and internet marketing blingmaster (traffic, conversions, design... not coding).

Jun 3, 2009 / by Seth Ellsworth

Hooking Up Your Hyperlink Rel and Not Following It

Relnofollow is a cool hyperlink attribute. In the SEO world, we say relnofollow as if it’s a legit word that Webster’s should know about. No, it’s not in the dictionary yet, because there’s an equals sign and some quotation marks

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Apr 23, 2009 / by Seth Ellsworth

Web Two Point What?

I’m going to go way out here. I’m going way out on the weakest, most rotted out extremity of the nearest and most treacherous tree limb and make a blatant assumption. Here it is...

If you’re reading this, which neither

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Mar 2, 2009 / by Seth Ellsworth

Killer Robots From Outer SEO Space: How to Dominate the Robots.txt File

If you haven’t heard of Mr. Robots, don’t blame yourself. It wasn’t even on the SEO map till just a couple years ago. Most of you, however, know what it is but don’t know exactly how to dominate the robots.


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Feb 23, 2009 / by Seth Ellsworth

What Does Alex Rodriguez Have to Do With SEO?

Disappointed? Yeah. Threw me into my low-mid-life crisis. We should have held a memorial for baseball as we knew it.

I remember the years when baseball was a man’s sport, not a cheaters sport. I loved it. I couldn’t miss

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