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Content is king when it comes to a successful marketing campaign. We all know this and we would all like to believe that the content we provide our consumers is the most useful information possible. The difficulty of the situation is judging how to balance the need for those ever-lasting articles that consumers will keep coming back to against the articles that are directly relevant to current events and social topics but are useful for a smaller timeframe.

During the past 15 years, the way content is written, published and received has changed and continues to change drastically, especially in terms of getting page views and rankings. Marketers understand that providing important information, while balancing evergreen and real-time content, contributes to driving website traffic, generating leads and delivering revenue.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is like the perfect Christmas gift, it keeps on giving long after the day and year is over. Typically, this type of content is something consumers will gain valuable information from and it will continue to stay relevant years after it’s written. When creating evergreen content you are knowingly developing something that you hope will be used as a foundation or a reference for consumers to continually utilize and even possibly use to create additional information. This ensures page views long after you have posted/published the content.

Evergreen content keeps your website or blog relevant for the long-run and provides leverage for content you create in the future. Utilizing evergreen content will assist your marketing campaign because you can use the developed information and break it into many pieces to cover multiple channels and generate page views.

Use large pieces of content, such as an E-Book, and apply the research and writing portions to create content for social media avenues. For example, video interviews done by subject-matter experts for the E-Book can be posted to your blog, or create an infographic based on a single chapter and post it as a “teaser.” This will keep your website relevant without having to research and create a lot of extra content.

An entire quarterly marketing strategy can be built around this concept. You can generate the long-term, foundational content while being able to post to your social media on a consistent basis.

Real-Time Content

While evergreen content is strategically smart to produce and publish, the freshness of real-time content can generate a large number of page views in a small span of time. There is value in providing your consumers with up-to-the-moment content, proving that you are paying attention and focused on current events and trends that are happening right now. It pays to take advantage of what is currently going on around you, because staying relevant helps capture the attention of your audience, who will ultimately return to your page for additional new content.

Just one of the benefits to providing real-time content via social media is the availability for others to share and re-post it, likely getting picked-up by new consumers. You can achieve this strategy with a forward-thinking plan and being “in the now,” providing topics on the latest news and social topics that relate to your industry so that your existing, and hopefully new, audiences will come to rely on your insights.

Be careful about focusing too much on recent news and social topics or only re-posting content from other sources. You do not want to lose the identity of your brand by forcing content that isn’t at all related or pushing content that is not very valuable to anyone.

To avoid digging yourself in this hole, connect those news stories and social topics to your brand. Create a story and help your consumers understand why you are posting what you are. Not only does there need to be a balance in your evergreen and your real-time content, but clearly there is a balance game to be played just within providing real-time content.

The Balance

Because both content types are strategically diverse and important for page views and regular website visitors, there needs to be a balance for providing the two. Major benefits to developing both types of content on your website include the following.

  • Effective long term link bait
  • Organic backlinks
  • Social shares
  • Customer engagement
  • Fresh content
  • Frequent posts

If you are providing real-time content amongst your evergreen content you are more likely to be noticed frequently, and eventually followed. While the evergreen content is important for some of your consumers who reference your site continually for knowledgeable and reliable, usable information, it is also important to provide consistently updated information in an effort to be relevant and generate shares and re-posts, and to get noticed by new consumers.

Since we have established that both types of content are necessary components to a successful marketing strategy, how is anyone supposed to know when to post what for the most effective marketing and highest rankings? The creation of a content calendar is an important practice to get in the habit of doing. Whether you are managing one blog/social media profile or 15, it is important to generate content consistently through all of them.

A content calendar can help you balance your marketing campaign by offering consistency and quality in your content. This helps you create framework and establishes processes to plan and manage both evergreen and real-time content while enforcing accountability. When creating your content calendar ensure that you are including all of your social media outlets and you are establishing how it will be used. Your content calendar should incorporate milestones including the following.

  • Publishing of your evergreen piece
  • Posting content created from, and simultaneously with, your evergreen piece (infographics, blogs, videos, interviews, etc.)
  • Real-time content posts including news articles, events and social topics (this is the trickier content to schedule on your calendar as it generally requires a quicker turn-around of information, but do your best to schedule it)

Since your content calendar will include all of your posts and publishings, it is a good idea to extend your calendar for a few months so you can get the most out of that evergreen piece you are working on.

It is time… your content-lacking website cannot wait any longer… create that calendar. Let the benefits of both evergreen and real-time content get your website noticed and start working wonders on your page views and rankings, ultimately creating potential followers and buyers.