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Successful Business Leader Wants to Take his Skills to Washington

SALT LAKE CITY, April 1 — David Bascom, CEO of the well-established and fast growing internet marketing firm, SEO.com, will officially announce his intent to run for the Utah Senate chair currently held by U.S. Senator Bob Bennett. This seat is already in high demand by Republican and Democrats alike. Others who have already announced the candidacy are Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, Tim Bridgewater, and longtime conservative activist Cherilyn Eagar. Today, April 1, 2010, Dave Bascom will form an exploratory committee as a first step towards a campaign against Bennett.

High atop his list of priorities is Civil Liberties and equal representation for all, especially in the “SERPS” (Super Employers and Reputable Providers of Services). His platform will ensure that businesses, large and small, will thrive and grow. Dave is eager to create new ways, on a federal level, that can help these businesses and bring change to Washington. Socialized media will be the engine in bringing this change about, creating viral discussion on the Senate floor.

In addition to bringing change to the SERPS, Bascom will also commit to Senate Equity Optimization, a reputation management plan to improve the overall public opinion of the Senate. Because of Dave’s experience in SEO, part of this plan will be to optimize the Federal Government’s website. “I want the Government websites to show up in the search engines when Big Frank from Topeka, Kansas Googles (or is it from Google, Kansas Topekas?) ‘Awesome.’ And when Shaquilla from Biloxi Mississippi searches ‘Amazing,’ the first thing she’ll see is ‘USA.gov.’ That is what America needs!” Bascom declared with much enthusiasm.

To learn more about Dave Bascom please feel free to visit:

Twitter: @davebascom
Linked In: Dave Bascom