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Creating a website that is functional, beautiful, and provides relevant information for consumers is the key to having great SEO results. While many people focus on creating a website that works, many miss the mark when it comes to providing valuable content. Depending on the type of business a company does and what the goals are, writing articles for a website can give a business just the boost it needs to be an asset to the company and visitors alike.

Writing articles is the most effective way to share what you know. Being an expert on your company products or processes is shown through content. This benefits your company in two ways- education and SEO results.


There are a lot of people searching for specific questions that your company or product can help answer. Some are looking for solutions to problems while others are trying to learn more about a specific topic. If it is relevant to your business, educating visitors can provide value to your site.

There are different types of articles to write that help provide education, including:

  • What a company provides or does
  • Why products or services matter
  • Benefits of using one company over another
  • Industry education

Writing articles is the perfect vehicle for educating visitors on industry specific information, like how a product is made or all the different ways it can be used. Companies that offer services can write articles that help give potential clients an idea on the value of that service.

Articles are especially helpful for companies that are offering a product or service in a totally unknown sector. If a person visits your site and cannot understand what you are selling, that is a problem for revenue. Using articles and content to educate is essential to making a sell.

Other companies are looking to add value to an already established sector. Using articles and content are used to show why that company is different or superior to other companies in the same industry.

The root of educating with articles is to build trust. When companies write articles, they show their expertise and people prefer to hire or work with the experts.

SEO Results

Just like having a website is vital to a business, so is considering the search engine optimization (SEO) measures taken. If people cannot find your website, they will never be able to read the articles that you write and cannot get educated on what your company offers.

When content is viewed as valuable to a search, it will rank higher. There are several ways that writing articles helps with a website’s SEO results.

  • Establish authority with search engines by showing relevance and value
  • Another avenue for appropriate placement of keywords
  • Links in the article to authoritative sites
  • Opportunities to link to other on-site content
  • Great content that is shareable and great for other sites to link to

Each of these is a factor into how well a website ranks on a search engine results page. Over time, writing great articles can help improve your SEO results better than paid advertising.

Tips for Writing Articles

There are some basic tips to writing great articles. The first is to make sure everything is organized and well written. Keep paragraphs short enough that you do not lose the reader and use subheadings to organize it.

Use a title that tells the reader what the article is about, including a relevant, targeted keyword. Also include keywords in the body of the article but use them naturally. Keyword stuffing is not useful and will interrupt the flow of the content.

Link to statistics and relevant facts. Establishing authority and gaining trust from the reader requires backing up what you are saying with another authoritative source. Anyone can put a statement out on the internet but having proof of a concept or number can go a long way.

Write articles that are long enough to fully explain your point. Writing a single paragraph will not include enough information to bring value to the reader. However, do not make your article long just to make it reach a certain word count.

Lastly, be sure that your blog is placed as a subfolder rather than a subdomain. Having it crawled as part of the main part of your website can help improve your overall rankings.

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