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The internet is the most widely used source for sharing and gathering information. If there is a fact or opinion about anything, there is a good chance you can find it online. There are many individuals who share their time and knowledge to provide these facts and their professional opinions. Writing articles and posting them on the internet is one of the most effective ways to share what you know, and to become known.

There are a few specific benefits to writing articles and posting them on the internet. The most important benefit is learning from others experiences and knowledge. This is the real reason articles should be written. When you are creating information with the potential audience of the entire world, it is definitely important to consider the facts and how accurately they relate to your own opinions and experiences. Unfortunately, there are some who abuse this great tool by writing articles and posting information that is not accurate or true in any sense. The most important thing to look for when trying to determine what is or is not accurate on the internet is consistency. Chances are, if there is one article written on a given topic then there is probably another article on the same topic available. Being able to compare many different sources will help you establish what is and is not reliable information.

Another benefit that comes with writing articles is the ability to establish yourself, your website, your company profile, etc. Sharing valuable information is a great way for businesses and individuals to help the world get to know them and trust their services or knowledge. In terms of optimizing your visibility on the internet, writing articles and giving reference to you as the source is something that can help people find more accurate information from you and also from the other sources connected to you.

We all know the best way to find information on the internet is through the search engines (particularly Google, Yahoo, and MSN). The great thing about these search engines is that their main objective is to help people see the most accurate and relevant information first. They are constantly trying to develop better systems and methods for sifting through the information to generate the results that people are really looking for. When done with a natural and beneficial intent, writing articles is a great way for the search engines to recognize who you are and what you are trying to do.

Within the article, there is a great opportunity to give yourself or your business a “vote” for the information you are presenting. The search engines are just as interested in presenting relevancy as you are interested in finding it. One way they determine who deserves to show up first for any given search is the amount of “votes” that have been delegated to that website for the targeted topic(s). Considering this, articles are a great place to insert natural, contextual links back to your site. These links are the “votes” for your website. Links in a contextual form surrounded by relevant and accurate content are a powerful vote for your website and your trophy key terms. These links, when used accurately, are a great way to show the search engines that you are really about what you are saying.

The other thing you always want consider is the title. The search engines read articles much like people; they look at the title to determine what the content will be about. Having a title that is consistent to your content and contains your targeted keywords is a great way to show the search engines what your website is about. Additionally, including your targeted keywords within the article itself in a natural way will help the search engines more fully identify and categorize your article. It also helps to have those contextual links come from a source with a title and content that is consistent with what your site is about.

Again, it is important to remember that increasing visibility on the internet is about being relevant to your users. Ultimately, the top search engines will find better ways to bring those that deserve to be at the top, to the top. Writing articles to share accurate and beneficial information while establishing those contextual links to your site is a great way to help the search engines find you.