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If you want a blog that you can be proud of, you need to do some heavy lifting. These SEO tips can help you trim the fat and build up your SEO muscle. Think of me as your personal trainer, prepare yourself to sweat a little, and you will have Blog Posts of Steel in no time.

1. Drink Link Juice.

Link building and link bait should be critical to any blog. Try to get links to and from your blogs and include internal linking (linking to previous posts you wrote or other pages withing your site).

2. Cut Unhealthy Habits.

Edit your posts in the same way you would nix donuts from your diet. Others will catch your mistakes and will likely let you know about it. Also, do not use two words when one will do, as we all like short workouts.

3. Spotting is Necessary.

If you want to drive traffic to your blog, you need to do something for others, too. Comment on their blogs, but make sure your comments have substance. Support your fellow bloggers, tweet other blog posts, and they will be more inclined to return the favor. Be sure to follow up with comments on your own blog. This is like wiping down the equipment after using it. The people who comment before and after you will be grateful for your attention to detail.

4. Wear Proper Attire.

You want your blog to look good. Use flash sparingly (it’s not good for search engines), and make sure your blog posts are scannable (easy to read). Use bullet lists when you can, and do not use large blocks of text. It hurts our eyes, much like neon spandex that some feel is okay to wear to the gym. It is not, by the way.

5. Have a Regimen.

Be consistent. Whether you post once a day or once a week, you will increase traffic when you post regularly. This is where you will start to see results. Also, be consistent with your style. If you break form during a workout, you can hurt yourself. With SEO, it is your rankings that will be sore in the morning.

6. Eat Healthy.

Be careful of the words you take in on your blog posts. You want to use rich keywords, but if you litter your post with them, you will have a cumbersome blog that will alienate your readers. And remember: there are not many healthy diets out there that include SPAM.

7. Stretch.

Try new things and don’t be boring. With this in mind, do not go outside your limits and try to lift 100 pounds when you have been lifting 10. If you blog about business, but randomly decide to post about your cat Kibbles, we will not be amused (unless you can somehow relate cat kibbles to business success).

8. Don’t Sing Along to the Songs Over the Speakers in the Gym.

Ok, so this isn’t related to SEO or blogging. But it’s in good taste. Please, I beg of you.

Did I miss any healthy blogging tips? Let me know!