Can SEO Help Remove Negative Listings From The Search Engines? [Video FAQ]

Can SEO Help Remove Negative Listings From The Search Engines

Hi, my name is Stephanie Sampson (Christensen – I got married!)  and today I will be answering the common SEO question: Can SEO help remove negative listings from the search engines?

Yes, SEO can assist in removing negative listings from search engines. Search engines are intentionally unbiased when they rank websites. Their main goal is to get a searcher all the information they are looking for as soon as possible, whether it is good or bad. If there is a negative website ranking for some of your key terms, the most appropriate, white-hat way to remove the negative site would be to have quality, relevant links not only to your website, but to other websites that are similarly related.

For example, if you have other micro-sites, social network pages like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, or simply neutral websites that compliment your overall website goals, you can focus on bringing these sites onto page one, thus driving the negative properties out of the rankings.

Black hat SEO’s might recommend building bad links to your competitors or other tactics similar to this. These are illegitimate forms of link building that we would suggest staying far away from.

Focus on relevance & quality – building out press releases, amping up social interaction, and driving quality, natural links to as many of your positive web properties as possible. Although it may take more time, you will see quality, lasting rankings, and positive results in the top pages.

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  1. Franklyn Galusha says

    I hope Google launches there disavowal tool soon. I have two clients that are being attacked almost daily and it eats up considerable amount of mike time working to remove those bad back links. Is there any way — in a white hat way to stop these attacks?

    Thank you for any suggestions,

  2. Ignite Visibility says

    Nice video! Do you think that when a site has many negative reviews Google intentionally mixes the results to show both positive and negative, much like Amazon?

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