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A PPC campaign can be extremely profitable when it’s run correctly. You can avoid wasted spend, build a better Quality Score, and improve your clickthrough rates, which all lead to an increased ROI. (We assume this is why you started an AdWords account in the first place.)

Unfortunately, too many people look at the graphs and analytics and numbers and acronyms like CPA, CPC, CPM, BMM, CTR, DCO, and countless others, and balk at the task of getting deep into the account and making sure everything is, in fact, running properly.

While most people would just as soon leave the whole process to someone else (which, of course, is behavior we fully support – shameless promotion), you can do a quick audit of your own AdWords account and get a good look at how things are performing and where you can make improvements.

PPC Campaigns Need Your Attention

All too often, companies are all too willing to set up their PPC campaigns based on some initial research and then expect it to continue to perform at the same level without any changes or updates.PPCAuditChecklist-LandingPage.png

The one sure thing on the internet is that trends are always changing. Your customers, their search patterns, and the industry are going to change over time, and you need to make sure your campaigns are tailored to fit them.

If you don’t pay them the attention they crave, your campaigns will struggle and you could end up paying far too much money for every single click.

Audit Your Own PPC Campaign in 10 Minutes or Less

It really only takes a few minutes to delve into your PPC account and get a handle on what’s going on in there. To help you with this process, we’ve created a simple-but-deep checklist that will help you make sure the account is set up to deliver the best returns.

Download Your PPC Checklist.

What Can You Learn from a PPC Audit?

This PPC audit takes you through 7 important parts of your AdWords account to ensure you’ve got everything covered.

This checklist will cover:

  • Account Settings
  • Campaigns
  • Keywords
  • Ad Groups
  • Ads
  • Quality Score
  • Ongoing Maintenance

A healthy PPC account can make a huge difference in your online business. If you haven’t taken a look at your account in a while or you are taking it over from someone else, this audit won’t take you very long and you’ll quickly find ways to get higher clickthrough rates and better returns.

Download your checklist today and really measure the effectiveness of your current campaign.

Download your free ppc checklist