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A new design for Google+ profiles is rolling out this week, including changes to the tabs, new cover photo dimensions, and a new layout for the “About” section.

According to Google+ Project Manager Sara McKinley, the changes are in response to feedback they have received, and most of the updates will be rolling out gradually.

Here is a summary of the changes:

New Google+ cover photo dimensions

What are the new dimensions for Google+ profile cover photos? According to McKinley, the dimensions are now 2120px by 1192px. The cover photos are much larger than they were previously. You can still upload individual pictures, or have one full width photo.

Google Plus Cover Photo Dimensions

New tab for Local business reviews

Another change is the addition of a section with all of your Local reviews, which replaces the Reviews link that was previously in the “About’ section. A map widget displays pins of businesses that you have reviewed, and colored widgets display your reviews along the left and right columns.

Google Plus Reviews Tab

New layout for ‘About’ section

Aside from the new cover photo, the ‘About’ section is probably the biggest change to hit Google+ users. The result is a cleaner, bolder new layout, with a striking resemblance to Facebook’s timeline layout.

Google Plus About Section Changes

New hovercard format

The hovercard, or the box that displays when you hover your cursor over a profile name, is now larger. It also places the profile photo in the middle of the card, and there are now more options to connect with that person. Besides circling the person, you can also chat, hangout or email them with new buttons added to the hovercard.

Google Plus Hovercards

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