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YouTube gets millions of searches every day and can be a powerful marketing avenue if used effectively. But how can a company use YouTube to market their products or services? The answer is to create a video that will go viral.

This sounds pretty simple, but it is actually not that easy. Not just any video posted on YouTube will be viewed by millions of people. The trick is to make a video that people are going to talk about, email to their friends, and link to on their blog and their social networking profiles.

So the benefit of a viral video for marketing purposes is when the video promotes a product or service offered by a company. The video might be about a product or just mention the product or service in part of the video. Once the video is viral it becomes another avenue to inform millions of people about your business.

To make a video into something that people will talk about you need to make it something they will remember. This can be done by making it unique, or making it informative. Another good way is to add an element of humor to it and make it something people will laugh at. Silly humor often works well for making a video go viral. Another option is adding the element of shock to the video. Shock works well when it is something placed at the end of the video to try to scare the viewer.

A video on YouTube that has used one of these methods to go viral is called “Charlie the Unicorn”. If you have not heard of this video then you are one of the few who has not. The video has now been viewed over 40 million times. The reason for the popularity of this video is its simple, silly humor. People watch it, laugh and then tell their friends and co-workers to watch it.

So the trick to making a viral video is to include one of those elements in the video. However I am not going to tell you how to include it. That is something you will need to figure out on your own. But once you get it all figured out it will be well worth it. Just look at what it did for Charlie the Unicorn. The video has nothing to do with internet marketing but it still managed to get mentioned on our SEO blog.