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If content can be searched, it can be optimized.

What are your customers’ content preferences? How do they discover? Consume? Share? Create a profile of your audience(s).

Use tools to create personas of data

  • Demographic info from Quantcast, Compete
  • Keyword info from SEMRush, Google
  • Engagement info from PostRank
  • Social network info from Flowtown, Rapleaf

Create an editorial spreadsheet to plan all content that includes:

  • Topic
  • Keywords
  • Media Type
  • Places Repost/Repurpose Content (Newsletter, Slideshare)
  • Places to Promote (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

The SEO Content Cycle

  1. Create & promote optimized content
  2. Content is noticed, shared, & visibility grows
  3. Exposure attracts more subscribers, fans, friends, links
  4. Increase links and exposure grows search & referral traffic
  5. Traffic & community provides data that you can research, develop to further grow social networks for content & SEO

Repurposing Content Example

  1. Upload video to YouTube
  2. Embed in a blog post with show notes
  3. Post screen shots from video to Flickr
  4. Upload images and text as a story in a PowerPoint or PDF, upload to .docstoc, Scribd, etc.


  • Develop & optimize content with customers personas in mind
  • Think like a publisher and create an editorial plan
  • Develop channels of distribution & social links
  • Leverage both web & social media analytics