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Content Vs. Analytics


What is content? It’s more than word delivery, it’s telling your story to potential customers in interesting and relatable ways that motivate them to convert. So how do you create content that successfully relates to and encourages your potential customers to act?

Lee Odden, TopRank Marketing CEO, has stressed the importance for marketing teams to create interesting, relatable, and shareable content, saying, “Focus on the customer. Learn how buyers discover, consume, and act on information.” As we focus on the customer experience, we can improve our content quality and quantity to match our customer’s wants and needs.

Focus on the Customer

Metrics and analytics are important, but they only tell some of the marketing story. Focusing on the human interaction on your website and/or social media channels is what search engines are really looking for.

There are several ways to get your information into the right channels and increase site interaction and sales, like aligning your site with what the user wants. It is so important to focus on task completion by asking “What is the task the user wants to achieve?” and then optimize for what they want. By doing this, you answer questions the user hasn’t asked yet. The most popular sites encourage users to browse and stay on the site.

Another way to focus on the customer is the use of supplemental content, which makes a page very satisfying for its purpose. YouTube is a great example because it always shows related videos to keep you on the site. They do a great job of finding what the human want to read or find on their site.

Lastly, use the free channels like blogs and social media. Interaction is very important because, after all, you are dealing with people.

As marketing teams, focus more on the customer and a little less on analytics. These ideas are just part of a very large equation. Focusing on what the customer wants is the only way to stay relevant in search.

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Zach Trujillo

Written by Zach Trujillo

Zach is communicator, innovator and creator with experience in social media marketing, blogging, collaboration, event planning and SEO.

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