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Every company would like to have the perfect online marketing team. A team comprised of visionary, dedicated, motivated and driven employees. The challenges come when trying to balance and mold the right qualities, skills and personalities into a team that is able to consistently move the needle in the right direction while also creating a fun and successful environment and company. A common misconception I see among companies who manage their own organic search is that simply hiring an intern or a link builder as an SEO professional will suffice when looking to build their online brand or to rank higher in the search engines. Ranking at the top of the search engines is more competitive than ever with no signs of slowing. Companies are spending tens of thousands of dollars to ensure they own the top spots for relevant search terms. Ensuring that your company is a player is more important than ever. To address this I want to talk about positions in the SEO field that are ever important to grow a company.

SEO Director

seoA director may be one of the most important hiring decisions as far as online marketing personnel goes. A talented SEO director can make or break an SEO strategy. This individual is ultimately responsible for measuring and growing online marketing metrics. Finding someone who has vision and is well-rounded is critical. Look for a director who has experience in research, analytics and actually reports on metrics. Experience writing and implementing SEO strategy along with other online verticals such as conversion optimization, paid search and lead generation are just a few skills you want to add to your check list.

SEO Specialist

SEO SpecialistA search engine optimization specialist is going to be your Director’s right-hand man. Look for someone with a history in quality link building. A good SEO specialist will have examples of past work success and will be able to give guidance when building a solid link building portfolio. Someone with experience in customer relations or engaging in customer interaction will be important, especially in today’s online environment where social media is large part of any successful online marketing strategy.

Link Builder

SEO Link BuilderA good link builder is worth their weight in gold. Anyone can find links to sites with low page rank or domain authority. A solid link builder will understand quality link building and how to build a link portfolio that looks natural to the search engines. They should not be satisfied with just link building but link maintenance as well so that overall link quantity continues to rise year after year. It is important to find someone with networking skills that will build relationships which will convert into .edu, .gov and other high value links.

Content and Copywriter

SEO CopywriterWe have all heard that “content is king”. While this remains true, that content must be unique and engaging. Consumers are demanding a better surfing experience and the search engines are continuously updating their algorithms to look for content that is truly written around what searchers want to see. A good copywriter can write onsite content, informative press releases, occasional industry blogging, and engage in social media updates. Each of these tactics will only become more important as your online presence grows. Critical skills also include someone is who is great at research, and can write quickly while remaining articulate and creative.


SEOAs a final part of your SEO team consider hiring experts in the respective field. Having someone analyze your strategy and link portfolio with fresh eyes, one who knows what to look for, will give you an advantage over your competition. Keep in mind that there are many options for SEO agencies and consultants. Look for an agency, like, that rank for related search terms in the SEO industry, can provide good case studies of past successes, and can map how they are going to show you success metrics for your campaign. An agency will typically have all of the above resources at your disposal, as well as tools and the capability to efficiently build links to your site that would otherwise be outside of your reach.

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  1. Brian Holzberger says

    I would not consider hiring experts, I would definitely hire experts to form your killer SEO team. So many in this industry claim to be SEO experts. It may take some time to weed through the posers. Especially if you start with a lower price tag. You will end up paying more for an experienced SEO team, but well worth it. These experienced individuals will bring methods and strategies to your team where you may not have had otherwise. Great article.

  2. Lloyd Sexton says

    Yes you need SEO specialists, but they need WAY more than just link building and social media skills. Additionally, outside agencies can be very poorly informed on your industry and won’t be looking at each companies individual needs. They tend to look at the situation from a broader perspective than is useful in many cases.

    I’d like to say great article, but I can’t. Its a bit misleading, and more of an ad than an article

  3. John Lucifer says

    I think this information is very much useful to build a powerful Seo team. Every department has to do serious effort and hardcore work for the betterment of any company in this industry but I totally appreciated your 5 points for the process of Seo. Thanks a lot.

  4. ToddJir says

    I would have to say the link builder is the one who really makes or breaks the team. With all the changes going on in Google these days, the link builder has the ability to bring in traffic and change the seo landscape for the website.

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