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Having your business rank in local search results can get complicated, especially if the local review sites don’t have your correct business address. Correlating the right business address online is super important in order to rank in local search results. Logging into each local review site individually and correcting your business address manually may seem like you’re David facing off Goliath–but there is an easier way.

A more efficient way to correct the information for your business is to correct the errors before the information is sent to the hundreds of local review sites. You will have to correct your data in the source with the data providers. Currently, there are three major data providers including Localeze, Infogroup, and Universal Business Listing.

Why Change Information With The Data Provider?

Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing get their local business information from two locations; they store local business information in their own index and receive it from data providers.

Once your business information is submitted to Localeze and Universal Business Listing, your information will start to trickle down to smaller local review sites like Yelp, SuperPages, and DexKnows. These smaller local review sites pull their data from the larger data providers. If you correlate your business information at the source of the problem (major data providers) then you’ll save yourself time, effort, energy, and money. That’s the best way to take on the giant.

We’ve seen awesome results for our local SEO clients. Simply go to Localeze and Universal Business Listing, enter your information, pay a small fee, and you’ll have all of your local business information correlated across the Internet. Now that’s an easy way to do small business SEO.

Good Luck!