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Twitter is a social network that has been growing incredibly fast. It offers people a way to connect over the internet using computers and cell phones. One reason that it is so popular is because it is so simple to post quick updates to your profile. Updates are short (up to 140 characters in length) and can contain links. From a marketing perspective, Twitter can be used to post quick announcements relating to products or services that you offer to people who may become potential customers or clients. It is this marketing opportunity that is drawing many businesses to Twitter. Unfortunately spammers are catching on to this and Twitter is drawing many spammers posting scams and get rich quick schemes on Twitter.

I have noticed a pattern that spammers have been using on twitter. Here are some to watch out for…

  • They use the name of someone who is well known and just add an underscore to the front or end of the name. Some examples are _randfish or bhartzer_.
  • They have only one tweet and it is always about their scheme that they want you to check out.
  • They have a very brief, non-descriptive biography or no biography.
  • They will be following close to 2,000 people while having very few followers.

If you are looking for another way to connect to thousands of people over the internet then you should consider joining Twitter. The sign up process is pretty simple and it doesn’t take a lot of information to get a profile created. Once you have a profile you can then start following other people who are in a related industry. If you are looking to spam Twitter, don’t waste your time. Twitter is pretty good at catching suspicious behavior and will soon place your account under review.