Content Farm Update Conspiracy?

Yesterday, Google launched the “farmer update,” an update to clean up spammy content farms from the SERPs.

Content farms such as eHow, eZine, Mahalo are effected drastically in their rankings.

Now let’s connect some dots!

  • is a content farm.
  • is not effected by farmer update (Not confirmed, just what I am seeing).
  • is owned by The New York Times

What do you think? Conspiracy? Thoughts?

Tip of the hat to TJ

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  1. J0J0CT says

    Google is simply out of control. They have tremendous market power over online commerce and make decisions that arbitrarily impact businesses in adverse ways. To say some content is better than others without a substantive review of the actual content is inherently irresponsible and reckless. It is quite clear that “shake-ups” further their business interests by inducing those that have enjoyed high organic ranking to choose to invest in Ad Words in order to compensate for the loss of favorable position. That is the primary mechanism by which they can expand their advertiser base and prevent stagnation. It is also why the default search returns are 10 entries instead of 100. The less people on the first page, the more ad buyers there are. When coupled with a lack of any real mechanism for a fair review and absent any objective standards, one is hard pressed not argue that they violate virtually every unfair rade pratice law in America. Unfortunately, Google has gine from the White Knight to the dark side, and is doing plenty of evil to a lot of legitimate businesses in my opinion.

  2. says

    Google’s results are becoming more and more irrelevant. Sometimes I need to scroll pages and pages of results to find something remotely related. Google more often than not spits either results of sites I don’t need to shown because I already know them (like wikipedia) or a bunch of links to seudo-search engines with links to ads (Very Google style mind you) I guess people are still used to “googling”, but everything that goes up, like Google did, goes down too.

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