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At SEO.com, we strive for excellence, and the First Annual Jell-O Snarf* was no exception. There was an incredible display of talent from all the SEO team. The cut-throat competition quickly eliminated the faint-hearted snarfers. It was a competition of skill, technique, endurance and passion.

After the initial qualifying rounds, only four remained to contend for the crown. The final round was wrought with intense rivalry making it anyone’s game until the official call. Ultimately, it came down to a face-off between Snarf-Shark Arne Jacobsen and All-American Snarfer Nelson James. James was first to reach for the victory still storing Jell-O in his cheeks, but after official review, Jacobsen was deemed winner due to having emptied his oral cavity of the Jell-O (although official rules and adjunction procedures did in fact establish that the Jell-O did not have to be swallowed, it was still used as a point of differentiation to provide substantiation for a frontrunner).

On behalf of SEO.com and the National Snarfing Confederation, we congratulated Arne Jacobsen as the declared champion of the 2009 Annual Jell-O Snarf. “This victory was icing on the cake for me. I trained daily by swimming, watching tapes of history’s Snarfing greats, and keeping a package of Jell-O in my back pocket just as a reminder of the goal I was working towards” said Jacobsen. Jacobsen is the first member or his family to both compete in and win a Jell-O Snarf.

“I think this has helped him become a better husband and father” remarked SuAnne, wife of Jacobsen. “This championship seems to have given him a deeper perspective on life.”

Jacobsen says he will continue to train for national competitions, and in June will intensify training in preparation for the 2010 Olympics where Jell-O Snarfing will enter as a trial sport.
*jell-o snarf ˈje-(ˌ)lō ˈsnärf [verb]: to consume gelatin of assorted fruit flavors greedily and quickly with only concern for triumph and no concern for normal social behavior