Frustrations With Resumes And Interviews


I recently read a post from Seth Godin titled “References available upon request”.

It got me thinking about the hundreds of resumes I’ve skimmed and the dozens of interviews I’ve conducted, specifically for those people we hired over the last four years.

This is all anecdotal, but here are my conclusions:

  1. Hiring based off of resumes and interviews alone is only slightly better than picking applicant’s names out of a hat
  2. Some of the best interviewees ended up being the worst employees
  3. Some of the best employees had mediocre interviews
  4. A college degree does not predict success in SEO
  5. Collegiate athletes or people who grew up on farms are consistently great employees
  6. The “Objective” section on a resume is a bunch of fluff and is not helpful at all
  7. If you don’t know what Alt Tab does, you won’t work out
  8. Knowing someone who already works for the company significantly increases your chances of being hired

The main thing I look at on a resume is work history and skills. I’m looking for experience with online marketing, and then I’m going to ask questions to see how in-depth your knowledge is about the items you listed.

One thing

The best thing to bring up in an interview is examples of projects that you worked on directly and the results that came about because of your efforts.

What are your thoughts about resumes and interviews from your experience?

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  1. says

    I love SEO work.
    The skill that’s behind it shows up in the search results.
    Easy to demonstrate and very difficult to claim what you cannot prove.
    That’s an Inbound Marketing way to think about interviews for candidates.

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing your perspective, Boyd. As a marketing professor, I counsel students frequently about resume and interviewing strategies. The observations you shared are exactly what students and others competing in the job market need to know.

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