What Fuels Your SEO?

WaterEver wonder what keeps us going here at SEO.com? The truth is, we have often wondered the same thing. We know we are a weird breed and we embrace that stigma wholeheartedly, but that got us wondering, just how different are we?

A few days ago a co-worker made the comment that many of us appear to be addicted to energy drinks. That set off a discussion about what the most popular drinks are among SEO.com employees. I sent out a survey and recorded the results.

The question: What Fuels You? Here is the scenario. You are at work and feeling a bit sluggish. What is your go-to drink?

The Results:

SEO fuel

At first it appears that we are a pretty healthy bunch, with so many of us choosing water over soda and energy drinks. However, the results become disturbing when broken up among job title and what percentage of us need caffeine to keep going.

As you can see most of our account executives love their water and shun caffeine, while the SEO specialists can’t seem to get enough caffeine. In fact, all three Monster drinkers were on the specialist team.

So are we really that different? I’m sure the SEO companies in Seattle probably have more than one coffee drinker, but besides that, is this the industry standard?

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  1. David says

    Wow – I am seriously concerned for the health and well being of some of your employees. Good job to you water drinkers!

  2. Melissa Miller says

    I think we have about the same caffeine to water ratio at our company, but here we are addicted to coffee instead. I don’t understand how people with desk jobs need energy drinks, but that’s just me.

  3. sas says

    I used to be a huge Coke addict so that’s pretty much what fueled me. Okay, I’m still trying to quit. Right now I’m on Pepsi diet because it’s lower in calories but it’s a good enough alternative. Tea also fuels me. But I must say, after going over these stats, I don’t drink as much water as I should!

  4. Kelly says

    I just kicked my 3 to 4 Diet Coke a day habbit. Going on three weeks with just water. I used to get headaches everyday…they are now G-O-N-E! I still miss my Diet Coke in the morning though.

    • Christian Greiner says


      Great Job! I hope you keep it up. I’ve been trying to make the switch to water now for some time, but I just can’t seem to make it happen.

  5. Emma Coakes says

    At a company I used to work for rumour had it that management would replace the coffee for a high caffeine blend when we were approaching a tough deadline. I wonder if there was a link with low quality work with all those shaky hands.

  6. Phil says

    Earlier I was addicted to coffee, but now I have managed to overcome that addiction. Now, at work, I have just plain water, and just one cup of coffee a day.

    • Christian Greiner says

      I agree, the fact that water is free probably skews the results. Maybe this study speaks more to the frugality of our employees than anything else.

  7. Gareth says

    For me it is strong black filter coffee four times a day, with a glass or two of water somewhere in between …

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