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What Fuels Your SEO?

WaterEver wonder what keeps us going here at SEO.com? The truth is, we have often wondered the same thing. We know we are a weird breed and we embrace that stigma wholeheartedly, but that got us wondering, just how different are we?

A few days ago a co-worker made the comment that many of us appear to be addicted to energy drinks. That set off a discussion about what the most popular drinks are among SEO.com employees. I sent out a survey and recorded the results.

The question: What Fuels You? Here is the scenario. You are at work and feeling a bit sluggish. What is your go-to drink?

The Results:

SEO fuel

At first it appears that we are a pretty healthy bunch, with so many of us choosing water over soda and energy drinks. However, the results become disturbing when broken up among job title and what percentage of us need caffeine to keep going.

As you can see most of our account executives love their water and shun caffeine, while the SEO specialists can’t seem to get enough caffeine. In fact, all three Monster drinkers were on the specialist team.

So are we really that different? I’m sure the SEO companies in Seattle probably have more than one coffee drinker, but besides that, is this the industry standard?

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Christian Greiner

Written by Christian Greiner

Christian Greiner is a former Senior SEO Specialist at SEO.com who enjoys quantifying SEO strategies through statistics. He graduated with a B.S. in Sociology from Brigham Young University—Idaho and joined the SEO.com team soon afterwards. Born and raised in Tracy, CA he now lives with his wife Tiffany and their two young boys in the Salt Lake City area. If not in the office he will most likely be found backpacking through one of Utah’s many National Parks.

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