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We are pleased to introduce Scott Smoot, an account manager for SEO.com. Scott is originally from San Diego, California, and is a graduate of Brigham Young University, Marriott School of Management.

If Scott were a super hero, his powers would be flying and super-sharp wolverine claws. In real life, Scott has super Guitar Hero drum talent, and is ranked in the top 2000 in the world. He is also one of the best goalies in his area for inner-tube water polo, and can clap with one hand. With those talents and his SEO abilities, we believe that Scott already qualifies as a super hero.

Scott’s favorite blog (next to the SEO.com blog, which is, of course, everyone’s favorite) is www.failblog.org. Upon interviewing Scott, we checked out this blog, and also give it two thumbs up!

Scott’s childhood hero was Michael Jackson. He enjoys many genres of music, including everything from Metallica to instrumental soundtracks.

If you are ever online, and you see the screen name Botnic, you can quite comfortably assume it is Scott. He received this nickname from his sisters as a child, and still uses it today. The name comes from Dr. Robotnic, Sonic the Hedgehog Series.

We think Scott is awesome. If you want to see something really great, watch him on the drums. It is pretty spectacular.