Getting a New Site Indexed Quickly

wwwSo you’ve decided to start a website. You’ve done the research and have selected the best domain to help you rank well in the search engines. You know exactly what purpose your site will serve and have everything planned out.

I have been in this position many times and always get excited to see how quickly I can get my new site to rank well. It’s fun to do and I have learned a lot about what it takes to get a new website on the first page quickly. For the record, I have learned that you can get a site on the first page within a short period of time, but keeping it there and even getting it to move up to the most important positions can take a lot of hard work and time.

One of the things that I have been frustrated with in the past is the amount of time it would take Google to index my sites. I had the site up with some good content on it and everything was optimized perfectly–so why hadn’t Google crawled my site yet? After asking myself this a few times I decided to go out and tell Google about my site. I’m going to give you a couple tips on how to do this. Please keep in mind that with the new Google Caffeine, Google has promised faster indexing, but these tips should still prove useful.

  • Set up a free Google Webmaster account and verify it. This is a great way to tell Google about a new site and a great way to set things up the way you want them.
  • Submit your url to Google for free. What? You can actually just submit your url to the all powerful Google? Yes. You can.
  • Set up a free Google Analytics account. This is another way to tell Google about your site and is also the best free analytics program you can get.
  • Build a few directory links to it with the directories you know accept free links fast. I’ve always had quick success with ones like and There are thousands out there, these are just a couple of examples.
  • Throw a quick link up to it on another site you own that gets crawled frequently. Usually one of your blogs would be best since it gets crawled every day because you post on it every day…right?
  • If you are concerned about Yahoo, they also have a place to submit your url.
  • Post a link to your new site on Twitter and Facebook to get some initial traffic to it. If your site is freaking awesome, you may get a couple links out of it at the same time.
  • Stumble your site. Digg your site. Wibb-it your site. Basically, go out and put it in every social bookmarking site you know of.

By following these simple guidelines, I have seen some great success with getting my sites indexed quickly. I’m not going to tell you how quickly, because there is no guarantee, but you can believe me when I say quickly. Once your site is indexed and optimized, it’s time to bust out your super SEO powers and build a ton more sweet links!

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  1. Elam Landry says

    That’s some really nice information on Search Engine Optimization. Mike you give good advice on how to index sites. May I also add, open up a google profile account and tell people about your site in your “A little Personality” page and you may get the link juice from google too! Can help index your site fast too. I did that to get it index within hours only. :)

  2. Mark says

    Hmm, I use another simple methode to get my new sites into Google and it takes just about 3-5 hours until their indexed… :)

  3. Tom Rairdon says

    This is a new site, so I am going to use your tactics and will report back what I find. Also, I am a decidely unknowledgeable webmaster, so it should be fun to learn the tricks from the pros.

  4. Steve says

    Thanks for sharing the great info! I own a web design company and we do our best to make sure our clients get proper SEO. The steps you listed are a great resource.

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