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Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States, according to Google Trends.

Based on our previous analysis of Google Trends leading up to Super Tuesday, we predicted Obama and McCain would come out on top after Super Tuesday. As it ended up, Google Trends was only about 70% correct in a state-by-state comparison and Hillary Clinton was actually on top with a slight lead after Super Tuesday. However, Obama has since pulled ahead in the delegate count in the close Democratic race and he is gaining momentum. It appears that Google Trends may be an accurate indicator of how people will vote after all.

The graph below from Google Trends shows the amount of search traffic on the top four presidential candidates’ last names, Google Trends data shows “Obama” is searched on more than any other candidate, with “Clinton” a distant second.

For the Republican nomination, McCain has been searched on most often, thus predicting his nomination as the Republican candidate. However, the disparity between searches for Republican and Democratic nominees predicts there will be a Democrat in the White House after the 2008 Election, and it looks like that person will be Barack Obama.

Based on Obama’s huge lead in Google Trends, the possibility of McCain beating out Obama in the 2008 General Election seems next to impossible.