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According to Google’s results, Obama and McCain will be the front-runners for their parties after today. The amount of Google searches for a candidate’s last name has directly correlated with the winner of that state in every primary and caucus to date.


From the Iowa Caucus on January 3rd to Maine’s Caucus on February 1st, the search trends for the candidates last names have directly correlated with their wins. So far, with our methodology we have been 100% accurate in determining the winner. We think we have a good chance of accurately predicting Today’s Results.

Here are the predictions:

Alabama Not enough data Not enough data
Alaska Not enough data Not enough data
Arizona Romney Obama
Arkansas McCain Clinton
California McCain Obama
Colorado Romney Obama
Connecticutt Mccain Obama
Delaware Not enough data Not enough data
Georgia McCain Obama
Idaho NA Obama
Illinois McCain Obama
Kansas NA Not enough data
Massachussetts Romney Obama
Minnesota McCain Clinton
Missouri McCain Obama
Montana Not enough data NA
New Jersey McCain Obama
New Mexico NA Obama
New York McCain Obama
North Dakota Not enough data Not enough data
Oklahoma McCain Obama
Tennessee McCain Obama
Utah Romney Obama
West Virginia Not enough data NA

Note: “Not Enough Data” indicates that there was not enough search data in Google Trends to create a graph. “NA” means the primary will take place at another date.

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