Google Reader is DEAD! #BooHoo: Get Over It!

google reader is dead

Does the loss of Google Reader mean the world is ending for people of the internets?

As you all know by now, Google’s popular RSS reader (or shall I say not as popular as Google would like it to be) is getting beheaded on July 1st. The service will no longer exist, it’s going be-bye, sayonara, in other words it is going to the big Internet graveyard in the sky… I say Bohoo! Why is everyone thinking the sky is falling? (okay, maybe not everyone).

Personally I rarely used reader… it was worse than my email box. So full of feeds that I never got to. It was a mess. But I know a lot of people did use it, and relied on it for their daily fix of their favorite subscribed blogs. So to you folks I say, I feel you. But you will find a new reader. Life will go on!

 In Fact, here are a few RSS reader options to get you started:

  • Feedly: This is a pretty cool reader. It displays magazine style, and is pretty to look at. It was heavily tied into the Google Reader feed (so I bet they are bummed) but you can add feeds direct to the platform as well. It is available on the web, iOS and Android.
  • Microsoft Outlook: For those of you still in the stone age using this platform, did you know you could use it as an RSS reader? Yup you can!
  • Google Currents: (iOS/Android) This is pretty neat, and a joy to look at content. But, it’s a Google product, so you may not want to get too attached. =) #JustSayin
  • FireFox Simple RSS Reader: Do you use Firefox for your browsing pleasure, well now you can add RSS feeds here too.
  • Chrome Store RSS Options Galore: The world of open source on chrome has you covered my friends… click that link and explore all the options other coders have developed for you.
  • Flipboard has you covered: Similar to Feedly, different wrapper.
  • Digg: While this is not available yet, Digg has come to save the world from RSS catastrophe.
  • Alltop: This is a great site where you can create your own feed. As a curator of content, I use this site often.
  • And there are many, many more. can increase your websites traffic!
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Now go, fall in love with a reader that will love you back. A reader that it’s programmers will not ignore like cousin Bart (sorry Barts of the world).

At least we can pre-mourn the loss of the ill-fated Google reader. Knowing now that the end is near makes it easier to say goodbye. Maybe this post should have been its obituary… but I will leave that to its Google family to write. It’s only proper don’t you think?

Google Reader, you were loved by many, just not by your makers. I’m sorry you will not be around to see the 4th of July, or the many posts I had hoped to send your way.

Now… let’s get back to work people. If I see one more post about Google Reader is dead, I may go crazy. It is not the end of the world. I promise.

Until next time…


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  1. Josh says

    I mourned for Google Reader, then I gave Feedly a try yesterday and I’m already hooked. It is a sweet, sweet tool. It takes a little tinkering to figure out how you want to set it up exactly (I enjoy that sort of thing, so no biggie), but it’s really great.

    • says

      Yes, I like Feedly as well Josh. With the mad rush to Feedly, would it not be funny if Google purchased them (and then of course shut them down)? Well, maybe not funny. Stranger things.

    • Hamza says

      Same here. In the starting I was wondering what to do. But after reading some blog posts I came across Feedly. I’d say in some aspects it’s better than Google Reader. I particularly like their interface and social media sharing features. After registering on website I also downloaded their Android app for my S3 as most of the times I scan my RSS subscriptions on my phone. Their android app is awesome and much better than Google Reader app.
      Feedly must be enjoying this all as Google has provided them an opportunity to gain subscribers in millions without doing anything.

      • says

        Hi Hamza,

        Agreed re: Feedly… it is a pretty sweet app. I do like that you can view online as well.

        It will be fun to see how Feedly continues to improve over the next little while.

        Thanks for the comment!


  2. AJ Wilcox says

    I know a few people in my sphere who didn’t use Reader, but I don’t know many who don’t use Flipboard, which uses Reader in order to serve the content. There are a lot of other webapps that rely on Reader’s functionality, and I’m sure they’ll evolve. Unfortunately, due to the speed and depth of Google’s index, no other RSS reader will ever be as fast. You say, “get over it”, but for those of us with 10 IFTTT recipes that are now screwed, that’s a tall order.

    • iGoByDoc says

      Yes, I see your point AJ. And the apps, and people who use them I do feel bad for. I use Flipboard, and now Feedly among others.

      It is just strange to me that so many apps were being built knowing full well that this was on the horizon. The apps took the easy route to make your life easy, and now it is a bit of a challenge for all involved. At the end of the day it does suck, but it is what it is. No amount of begging Google is going to keep it around, so while getting over it is a tall order, it is what we have just got to do.

      Appreciate the comment sir!


      • AJ Wilcox says

        I’ll be completely honest – I had NO idea this was on the horizon. I hope the app developers saw what I didn’t. Google got a ridiculous amount of data from me on what types of content I consume. I figured they’d gather the data or start putting ads to monetize. Instead, I found myself crying in fetal on Wednesday night. Oh well. I appreciated your insights today, anyway. :)

        • iGoByDoc says

          Oh no… not the fetal position?

          It would be interesting to know the data behind the service. And I agree, you would think they would have monetized it as well.

          What I am curious about now is Feedburner. Google has been neglecting that for some time now… will that be up on the chopping block sometime soon as well?

          Have a great weekend AJ!


  3. Greg says

    Feedburner is another option we like to use for RSS publishing and reading. They allow the client to choose from a list of readers to view RSS feeds.

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