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Google+ SEO & Authorship with AJ Kohn: Mozcon Day 2 Recap


This Google+ SEO & Authorship presentation was given by AJ Kohn at Mozcon 2012.

Google's secret weapon is in mobile with Android holding 52% of the smart phone market. This is a critical thing to understand for any marketing campaign. There is huge opportunity in mobile and Google.

Google+ Isn't Just for Geeks

Hugo Boss has over 1 million people circled their brand on Google+. There are many other brand examples who have obtained a huge following of non-geek followers on Google+.

Why is this critical?

Gucci ranks #1 for stirrup bags on non-personalized SERPs. BUT, Gucci ranks #1, #3, #4, and #6 on personalized SERPs with universal results. Google+ is helping to influence this because the photo is coming from Facebook as a result of being connected through Google+.

Gucci stirrup bags SERPs

Here are some examples of gains from implementing Google+ into their SEO campaign.

  • 42.6% increase in organic traffic for clients actively using Google+, Kevin Gibbons, SEOptimise/Quaturo
  • Engagement on Facebook was only 4% in relation the engagement on Google+, Time Moore Cruish IQ

Google+ Profile Tips

  • Connect your social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.)
  • Images pull in directly from Facebook
  • Rel=publisher
    • Home page only for brands
  • Words matter - use keywords and theming for your users

Google+ Migration Tips

  • Move Facebook (Twitter, Quora, etc.) friends to Google+
  • Exclusive content on Google+ and talk about it on Facebook and Twitter
    • Perform a Hangout On-Air
    • Get a YouTube video out of it
  • Demand it: "You should circle me on Google+ now"

Google+ Sharing Tips

  • Tame your ego
  • Share value
  • Sometimes share content outside your industry
  • Reshare
  • Be a good citizen
  • Go native
  • Microblog on Google+

Google+ Formatting Tips

  • Create a title tag
    • Bold it
  • Use the Google+ Formatting Cheat Sheet
  • Use keywords
    • Example: textured suede bags (Burberry owns the top 2 spots)

Google+ Engagement Tips

  • Saved searches
  • Search on your industry terms
    • View all and circle those people
      • Follow their followers
  • Create an evangelists circle
    • Anybody who comments or shares your stuff should go into this list
  • View ripples
    • Find sneezers and circle them
  • Drop in any URL to see ripples
  • Flag people down
    • Mention them
    • Red number notifier
  • Comment
    • Just do it

+1 Button Tips

  • The value of the +1 button is that you get other people to do the work for you
    • It makes it viral easier
  • Optimize your social snippets
    • Title
    • Nice image

Google+ Social Signals

  • How many +1 should I get for a post?
    • Who cares?
  • +1 disappeared from SERPs in favor of the Share button
    • Put your time into interactions & engagement on Google+


  • Google's goal: highlight authors and rank them better
  • Rel=author turns the SERPs distribution upside down

Verifying Authorship

Authorship Tips

  • Validate with rich snippets testing tool - http://bit.ly/authorbookmarklet
  • Make sure your author profile has a face in your picture
  • Check your author stats in labs under Webmaster Tools

Author Rank

  • Google's Agent Rank Patent
    • What is discussed
    • Who commented
  • Author rank is about fusing the web of people with the web of documents and creating a more savvy view of Internet influence
  • AJ doesn't believe that author rank is here yet


  1. If you have authority on many areas, should you have one or more accounts?
    • One
  2. If you have a brand page, do you use your brand instead of a face?
    • Use your logo
    • Rel=publisher because brands don't get authorship
  3. How should we handle many authors producing content?
    • Use authorship for each author
  4. Google+ widget is slowing my page speed, what should I do?
    • Use the upgraded async code
    • Join the Google+ Developers Group and complain to them

Circle SEO.com on Google+ and countdown our final days in our office. What? Yeah, we're moving office on Monday.

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Ash Buckles

Written by Ash Buckles

For 15 years, Ash Buckles has worked at the forefront of branding through search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, blog marketing, social media, and ColdFusion development. As a recognized industry thought leader, he regularly speaks at search marketing events put on by organizations such as the American Marketing Association, SLCSEM, and Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum. His experience includes online marketing consulting with hundreds of enterprise clients as well as small businesses.

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