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This Google+ SEO & Authorship presentation was given by AJ Kohn at Mozcon 2012.

Google’s secret weapon is in mobile with Android holding 52% of the smart phone market. This is a critical thing to understand for any marketing campaign. There is huge opportunity in mobile and Google.

Google+ Isn’t Just for Geeks

Hugo Boss has over 1 million people circled their brand on Google+. There are many other brand examples who have obtained a huge following of non-geek followers on Google+.

Why is this critical?

Gucci ranks #1 for stirrup bags on non-personalized SERPs. BUT, Gucci ranks #1, #3, #4, and #6 on personalized SERPs with universal results. Google+ is helping to influence this because the photo is coming from Facebook as a result of being connected through Google+.

Gucci stirrup bags SERPs

Here are some examples of gains from implementing Google+ into their SEO campaign.

  • 42.6% increase in organic traffic for clients actively using Google+, Kevin Gibbons, SEOptimise/Quaturo
  • Engagement on Facebook was only 4% in relation the engagement on Google+, Time Moore Cruish IQ

Google+ Profile Tips

  • Connect your social profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.)
  • Images pull in directly from Facebook
  • Rel=publisher
    • Home page only for brands
  • Words matter – use keywords and theming for your users

Google+ Migration Tips

  • Move Facebook (Twitter, Quora, etc.) friends to Google+
  • Exclusive content on Google+ and talk about it on Facebook and Twitter
    • Perform a Hangout On-Air
    • Get a YouTube video out of it
  • Demand it: “You should circle me on Google+ now”

Google+ Sharing Tips

  • Tame your ego
  • Share value
  • Sometimes share content outside your industry
  • Reshare
  • Be a good citizen
  • Go native
  • Microblog on Google+

Google+ Formatting Tips

  • Create a title tag
    • Bold it
  • Use the Google+ Formatting Cheat Sheet
  • Use keywords
    • Example: textured suede bags (Burberry owns the top 2 spots)

Google+ Engagement Tips

  • Saved searches
  • Search on your industry terms
    • View all and circle those people
      • Follow their followers
  • Create an evangelists circle
    • Anybody who comments or shares your stuff should go into this list
  • View ripples
    • Find sneezers and circle them
  • Drop in any URL to see ripples
  • Flag people down
    • Mention them
    • Red number notifier
  • Comment
    • Just do it

+1 Button Tips

  • The value of the +1 button is that you get other people to do the work for you
    • It makes it viral easier
  • Optimize your social snippets
    • Title
    • Nice image

Google+ Social Signals

  • How many +1 should I get for a post?
    • Who cares?
  • +1 disappeared from SERPs in favor of the Share button
    • Put your time into interactions & engagement on Google+


  • Google’s goal: highlight authors and rank them better
  • Rel=author turns the SERPs distribution upside down

Verifying Authorship

Authorship Tips

  • Validate with rich snippets testing tool – http://bit.ly/authorbookmarklet
  • Make sure your author profile has a face in your picture
  • Check your author stats in labs under Webmaster Tools

Author Rank

  • Google’s Agent Rank Patent
    • What is discussed
    • Who commented
  • Author rank is about fusing the web of people with the web of documents and creating a more savvy view of Internet influence
  • AJ doesn’t believe that author rank is here yet


  1. If you have authority on many areas, should you have one or more accounts?
    • One
  2. If you have a brand page, do you use your brand instead of a face?
    • Use your logo
    • Rel=publisher because brands don’t get authorship
  3. How should we handle many authors producing content?
    • Use authorship for each author
  4. Google+ widget is slowing my page speed, what should I do?
    • Use the upgraded async code
    • Join the Google+ Developers Group and complain to them

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