1. Süleyman SÖNMEZ says

    I think, no. SEO will continue. Because SEO is “not” only choosing keywords or giving backlinks. We will find new and advanced SEO techniques for semantic search engines. But I think, human editors – like dmoz editors- will really solution for bad SEO attacks.

  2. Garth Koyle says

    I doubt our services will go away…I think they’ll just depend more on reputation than relevance.

  3. Rich says

    SEO will always have a place, as long as the general public wants options when they try to find something. I work in the SM department at one of the “big guys!”, and I am already noticing shifts in the technology that we are using. Understanding that technology, and implementing unique solutions, will be one of the main jobs of a SEO.

  4. Erick Pettersen says

    The bottom line is Web sites want to receive a higher ranking on search engines, no matter how their algorithms ranks those pages. So, whether it’s Web 3.0 or Tom Cruise’s Web 10.0 via Minority Report Web site’s want to be optimized for better positioning.

    SEO Content is the Internet’s way of keeping a Capitalistic society alive per the internet. Capitalism cannot survive without competition, so to assume that SEO content will not survive in Web 3.0 is to assume that Web masters will no longer have need to compete with one another for Pagerank’s or other’s attention.

  5. Jeff Jennings says

    I can see SEO dyeing before web 2.0. That’s my honest opinion. I think it’s time for companies to start doing some real marketing.

  6. Chantel Isaacson says

    I dont think SEO will die, because SEO is not only for optimization of page but it also helps in boosting your business and promoting your products.

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