Hitwise Data: Google Rules

From the Hitwise Press Release:

Google accounted for 68.29 percent of all U.S. searches in the four weeks ending May 31, 2008, Hitwise announced today. Yahoo! Search, MSN Search and Ask.com each received 19.95, 5.89 and 4.23 percent respectively. The remaining 41 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 1.63 percent of U.S. searches.

So, no surprise that Google continues to dominate, growing their market dominance to 68% of all searches. Ask.com was up slightly from April. MSN and Yahoo were both down.

In the UK, the dominance was even more pronounced, with Google taking 87% of all searches!

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  1. Tina says


    Thank you very much for your post, It looks like you had a great eye on the market. The Google is being far more powerful, and the way they are extending their premises is examplry. Thank you for adding information about the United States and Kingdom. However, when it comes to Asia, (That contains, All major countries like Pakistan, India, Indonessia, Korea and Japan), It looks like, Google is far more ahead 90% than the Yahoo and Msn. However, the way Baidu is making success, and is popular in China, Japan, and Singapore is truely appreciateable.

    In the Middle east, the figures seems to be same, might be a little higher percentage.

    There seems to be a great future ahead for Google as always!

    Thank you for your post again

    Regards – Tina

  2. Vivian says

    Yes, Google is definitely here to stay. While Yahoo’s technology is not too far behind Google’s, I think users generally prefer Google because it is a search engine… All of the other services don’t clutter the home page and are hidden for the casual user.

    And Google’s peripheral products – G-maps, G-Analytics, G-Webmaster Tools, etc.. – are unparalleled.

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