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Why Content Marketing
Businessses have now entered a phase where Google is just a game of luck to them. Businesses are burn’t out of all the algorithm updates and they’re just focused on PPC for the time being. We here it often here at SEO.com. We understand that it’s really difficult to understand the updated algorithm, we work look at search queries and search engine results every single day.

It’s time for businesses to not be afraid of what’s ahead with the search algorithm. Businesses need a new focus in their content strategy. If businesses want to compete they need to start focus on just making everything on their website amazing. We now have approached and are living in the day where content is more competitive than ever before. Internet surfers are more spoiled now than ever before. It’s vital that if you don’t know how to create amazing content, you hire a marketing agency that can help guide you.

Many of Utah’s top 100 private companies aren’t utilizing one of the most powerful Internet marketing tools available: the search engines. Of the top 100 private companies listed in the May 2005 Utah Business Magazine, 71 percent were not listed for their main keywords in Google, according to research released by Web Targeted. Sixty-two percent of the companies did not appear for their keywords in any of the top three search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Fifteen percent of companies didn’t even show up when searched directly by company name. This is still often seen today.
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Researchers from SEO.com searched for each of the companies on the three largest search engines, which account for approximately 93 percent of all Internet searches. The top three search engines account for an estimated 3 billion searches every day. Google alone is expected to hit 2.5 trillion total searches in 2013.

The Need for More Conversion Rate Optimization
If businesses want to really rank and increase their profits and leads it will also come down to conversion rate optimization. We’re learning these sad realities about most marketing strategies, one of them is that businesses aren’t doing any conversion rate optimization with their content. Every article has potential to be something great, and drive in leads or sells. Businesses need to get on board with conversion rate optimization so their content and search engine marketing can reach higher levels of success.

Specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), is Utah’s leader in search engine marketing services. We have plans to help every type of business. If you’re a small shop we have the perfect agency packages for you. If you’re a fortune 500 company and you’re looking to market your company, we do that as well! We would love to hear from you. We have the manpower available to turn sluggish campaigns into powerful marketing campaigns with a stronger increase in profits.

Many companies invest heavily in web design, thinking that their Internet marketing is covered. However, placement on search engines is key to the success of the website and ultimately the success of the business. According to the Pew Internet study, 84 percent of American Internet users use search engines. Locally-focused companies should also pay attention to search engine marketing, because 74 percent of search engine users also use search engines to find local businesses.

Still to this day there is no signs showing that search engine use is slowing down. In fact as users become more acquainted with the search engines they’re using them more and more for everything in their life.

For example, if a mom in Provo, UT is looking for the nearest church, they will now usually go to the search engine compared to the old days where they would just go to their neighbor.

Another example, when news hits the surface about a big trade in the NBA, the fans jump right to the search engines. They’re ignoring the newspapers on their front porch.

The search engines have made the internet one, and they’re connecting every corner of the world and making it possible for you to access the information at your finger tips. When websites are linked together, the world is literally linked together and Google, Bing, and Yahoo have figured out mathematical formulas to show you what you want to see. It’s just now time for businesses to really capitalize on this incredible tool.

“People usually only click on the first several listings in the search engines, they don’t dig down to find what they’re looking for. They figure if it’s good enough for Google, it’s good enough for them. However, that also means that if they don’t find your website at the top of the list, they won’t know your company exists,” Bascom said.

There are some amazing ways on how businesses can really rank very high. Here are some thoughts, if you want to rank high:

  • Make it amazing. Your content. It works.
  • Develop high quality relationships with customers, consumers, and other businesses. They’ll promote your amazing content with links.
  • Make your content full of truth. Google hates ranking lies, say the truth, be honest and watch how it helps you rank higher.
  • Build out your social websites, make them powerful in your websites marketing plan!
  • Have fun! Marketing is incredible, you can send a message to a thousands of people, this is fun! Go at it!

Here are some insights into SEO.coms model for success:

  • Social Media Development– Your social pages can rank when your websites not. This helps with brand development, which will help expand your business to new levels. Take advantage of this, these profiles are free but they take some serious marketing. That’s why we’re here.
  • High Sustainable Link Building– Links still matter, the best way to get them is let them come to you by promoting your amazing content. Low quality link building is dead and worthless. It’s time to jump on board and focus on the high quality links.
  • On-Page Optimization– It’s now vital that your on-site efforts offer more clarity and value to the world. With micro-data optimization now available, search engine spiders are asking for more clarity and value from your webpage.
  • Strategic Content Marketing– Not only does your content have to be profound and amazing but it needs to be placed in the right spot at the right time. Content is not just seen after you post it. It really has to be seen, shared, and yes, linked to.All four points bring home the best and most ideal strategic search engine marketing model for organic search.In Conclusion
    Companies need to adopt and love the new algorithm changes offered by Google. It’s time that we join forces and make marketing better on the internet. Marketing is amazing when you learn how to make it amazing. Go big with your content plans, be aggressive in your quest to be the best at marketing for your small business brand. Hire an agency if you feel overwhelmed with the marketing information out there. If you don’t want to hire a professional marketing staff, hire an agency because it saves time and risk!Questions answered in this post:
  • What’s a good search engine marketing strategy?
  • Should a small business hire an agency to do all of their marketing?
  • How can I implement a good content marketing strategy?
  • Are companies getting discouraged with Googles algorithm updates?
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