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On November 14th Pinterest made the announcement that they are finally allowing businesses to set up official business accounts and that they are also rolling out a business-specific terms of service that’s totally separate from the regular terms of service that you and I have to abide by.

In their announcement they stated that their reasoning for moving to business specific accounts was the increased contribution of quality content from the business community:

“Thousands of businesses have become a part of our community, giving great ideas, content, and inspiration to people on Pinterest. Whether it’s Anthropologie sharing awesome clothes, Whole Foods sharing tasty recipes, the Smithsonian sharing fascinating collections, or Amazon making products easy to pin, many of us have been inspired on Pinterest by businesses.”

If you are like one of the many businesses who’ve been using a personal account as a business account and would like to convert your account to an official business account, then follow along as I walk you through the step to do so. We will also cover how to set up a business account if you’re setting up a Pinterest account for the first time.

Converting To A Pinterest Business Account

1. Go to business.pinterest.com and click on the big red ‘Convert your existing account’ button.

convert to pinterest business account

2. Select your ‘Business Type’ and update your ‘Contact Name’ and your “Email Address’ if you have changes that need to be made.

select your business type

3. Fill out your profile information. Note that none of this needs to change unless you skipped past this part when you first set up your account or if you want to make edits.

4. Scroll all the way down to the ‘Agreement’ section and read the agreement, or not :).

5. Click I agree to the ‘Business Terms of Service and Privacy Policy’.

accept pinterest terms of service

6. Then, click on the big red ‘Convert Account’ button.

That’s it! You’re done! Super easy, right?

Setting Up A Pinterest Business Account

For those who are interested in setting up a Pinterest business account for the first time, the process is almost identical to the process outlined above for converting an existing account. The first thing you will need to is click on the ‘New to Pinterest? Join as a business’ link instead of the big red convert your account button. Once you are inside, you will need to add a profile image and fill in the ‘About’ section. Other than that, everything is the exact same.

new pinterest business account

If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please feel free to ask in the comments section below. If you are wanting to learn more about marketing on Pinterest, please read our awesome three part series (part 1, part 2, part 3) and this gem on launching successful Pinterest marketing campaigns.