1. Chandler Bryson says

    Great explanation of pinterest business account. It was really easy to understand the step by step process of converting a personal pinterest account to business pinterest account. Pinterest is very interesting website to use, i like it a lot. I can pin the images here, i can find amazing photographs here. It’s fantastic :)

  2. Josh McCoy says


    Thanks so much for this informative post about Pinterest. Depending upon what niche your website is in, your business can really harness the power of this social media giant. 

  3. Heidi says

    What do you feel is the benefit of converting to a business account? Are there any advantages or disadvantages? I guess I am trying to figure out what the point is? Since this is on SEO.com I wonder if there are any SEO reasons to convert?

    • iGoByDoc says

      Hi Heidi,

      From an SEO standpoint, being able to verify your sites URL, and having it show up in search results is of value. But you can actually do that verification as a personal account as well.

      It will be interesting to see what other tools they will release for business accounts… until then, you can check out the Business Pinterest page http://business.pinterest.com/what-works/

      It also looks like you have more options when it comes to the pinning buttons you can add to your site.

      Being that it only takes a few moments to switch it from personal to business, seems to me it would be worth it. SEO reasons TBD for now.

      Thanks for the question


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