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So I was down in Vegas for a 3-day conference, staying at the Hilton Hotel. I am pretty big into fitness, so I woke up early the first morning and headed over to the spa/workout room. Lo and behold, there was a $20 charge to use the facility!? I was incensed, and also pretty out of sorts since I didn’t get to take my rage out on a treadmill that morning. It so happens that the Hilton Hotel Casino’s CEO, Petere Arceo, was speaking at the conference I was attending.

He had a great presentation about social media, twitter, Facebook, etc., that gave me an idea. I tweeted to the world a short message: @PeterArceo, How can I bypass the $20 cover charge in the workout room at the Hilton?’ Peter responded within a 1/2 hour, “DM me your room and name and I will see what I can do.” Wow! What service! I went and used the spa, for free, and got to keep my great figure. I also was super impressed that Peter had that much involvement in his social media strategy.

This should be a great lesson to everyone who reads this. If the CEO of the Hilton hotel has the time to twitter to one little guy about saving some money, then anyone else in the world has the time to twitter with their customers as well! The Moral of The Story: Make sure you monitor what people write about you or your brand (that’s how Peter knew I had twittered about him.) TweetDeck is a great tool to help you speed up this process. Respond to the people who do mention you or your brand, positive or negative.

Quick Update: Just to be clear, Hilton did not pay me to write this, and also, I can’t guarantee anyone who reads this will also get comped for their spa usage, so don’t expect it every time.