How Has The Internet Changed Education? [Infographic]

How Has the Internet Changed Education

If you want evidence of the way the internet is pervading every aspect of our lives, you need look no further than its effect on education. The internet and social media have dramatically changed both teaching and learning.

In fact, most students’ (an incredible 93 percent) first instinct when confronted with a research problem is to turn to Google or Bing to get information rather than going to the library, and despite the best efforts of faculty to discourage its use, Wikipedia is the research resource that is used most often. It’s not only students that are turning to the web, however. A whopping 90 percent of faculty uses social media in the courses they’re teaching, and 8 in 10 have used online video in class. In addition, colleges and universities are reaching out to students in a way they never could before—85 percent of admissions offices use some sort of social media, from video blogging to social networking.

The internet has also had a strong influence on the how, where, and what students are studying. Right now, more than 6 million students are taking at least one online course, and 11 universities across the country offer some sort of search engine optimization or search engine marketing curriculum.

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Even with online learning being as widespread as it is, however, as many as one in three academic leaders consider it to be inferior to face-to-face instruction. As these online-trained students continue to enter the workforce, time will tell whether internet education can compete with traditional learning models.



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  1. Andrew Jenkins says

    I'm surprised that so few universities have SEO/SEM programs. I think it's safe to assume that this will drastically change over the next five years.
    BTW, very cool infographic!

  2. Albin Dittli says

    Yes, the internet is changing our lives in more and more ways.  When I went to college the internet was still a thing of the futire.  I studied from books.  I would rather read a book while sitting in my easy chair then reading one online.  I hope they never go away.

  3. Lexie Bryan says

    Hi Doc,

    This is great info! I’m an instructional designer at Polytechnic Institute of NYU, and I’m interested in posting a printed version of this infographic in our Faculty Media Studio. Is there any way you can provide me with a higher-res version of the image that will print suitably? I will preserve all of the reference and credit info.

    Thank you!
    Lexie Bryan

  4. keerti says

    Yes internet has changed education considerably. When I went to medical school internet was there but we preferred reading from books would use the internet only to pull out data for research. Medical education has changed considerably in recent times using the internet. More and more universities are changing the nature and content of their course offerings to an internet/online based. 

  5. Brayden Kirwan says

    It’s pretty obvious that the internet has had a huge impact in education, but just how has the internet changed education? With each semester, more and more students are taking classes online, teachers are integrating social media into their courses, and everyone is turning to the web to do their research.Well dear you have shared a great information it is helpful for me in many cases :))

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