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I was discussing webinars with the SEO team today, when Boyd Norwood, the Director of SEO, interrupted the discussion and asked me if I had seen the latest copy of Website Magazine. He opened up to page 16, which showed the results of the Top 50 Search Engine Optimization Agencies.

Website magazine writes, “In the process of selecting an SEO agency, you will find a crowded marketplace- and nearly as many social media experts. The industry is maturing and bringing new channels and opportunities for consumer engagement and revenue. This is driving traditional SEOs to adopt new approaches to acquiring traffic.” It also adds, “It is imperative that your SEO agency is ready, willing and able to serve in the age of more integrated Internet Marketing.”

Reviewing the Top 50 list, I found that four of the top seven SEO firms either had headquarters or offices in Utah. A heart-felt congratulations goes to:

BlueGlass: Ranked #4

OrangeSoda: Ranked #5

iCrossing.com: Ranked #7

Utah’s slogan is, “This is the place.” Based on these results, it is obviously the place for SEO.