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The competition this week was fierce at SEO.com’s third annual Jell-O snarfing contest. In the crowded break room, newcomers showed that a new breed of gluttonous snarfers might be on the rise.

Rookies from the back shop forced seasoned competitors to the brink. In the end, defending champion Greg Bay, a search marketing specialist, ate the tasty gelatin the fastest to win the final heat and claim another victory.

The second-fastest time in the finals came from SEO Specialist Russ Lonczyma. Lonczyma, who competed for the first time, said he was pleased with the results.

“I’ve never done it before,” Lonczyma said, showing off his silver medal.

He said he also received “high fives and some congrats.”

“I’m going to win it next time,” Lonczyma said.

Matt Storms, an SEO manager at SEO.com, took third place in the final heat.

“I’ve got a big mouth,” Storms joked.

The competition pits contestants in a battle to see who can eat a colorful serving of Jell-O the fastest.

There was a women’s category last year and PRMarketing President Lori Gilson won the division.

“You don’t chew,” Gilson said. “You just inhale and swallow. It goes up your nose. It goes everywhere.”

Gilson did not compete this year.