What I Wish DMOZ Was Like

DmozIf you can guess what the following terms all have in common, I’ll give you $25 via Paypal, no questions asked. Just leave your comment at the end of this post. This is not open to current employees of SEO.com. Here they go:

SEO, Jobs, Careers, Linkbuilding (I’ll tell you the answer in my next blog post, which will be a humdinger)

My post is actually about DMOZ, and the things I wished that they did differently.

First of all, I wish DMOZ was a paid listing site. Why? For the mere fact that if they required payment, then in return, they would be required to at least have a little bit of customer service. I would either get a ‘Yes, your site is accepted’ or a ‘No, your site sucks and sells Viagra’. Right now, you get nothing from these guys in terms of a response.

Secondly, I wish DMOZ wasn’t so hyped up by everyone and their dog. Yes, DMOZ would be the bees knees and the cat’s meow in anyone’s review of free directories. But as a source of authority and link value, there are hundreds of other free sites that provide the same, or more, authority and link value. Also, Google really shouldn’t use your DMOZ listing title as the title of your site in search results pages. That’s just plain wrong.

Thirdly, if DMOZ stays in their ‘free directory’ model, then they should really either accept more editors, or kick their current editors in the face. I mean honestly, I don’t know how many legitimate sites I’ve submitted to DMOZ, only to sit and twiddle my thumbs and 6 months later, still no listing. I don’t know what the review process is for sites to be accepted, but I’ve got to imagine they get tons of submissions every day, and the editors have to really stay on top of those sites. I currently run a few directories that get multiple submissions every day, and it takes about 5 seconds to tell if a site is relevant to the category it was submitted to, and if it’s spammy or not.

Fourthly, I wish DMOZ would come out with the definitive guide to getting listed in their directory. Specific things such as ‘When submitting, record yourself licking your nose while singing the National anthem, and upload to Youtube, then you’re guaranteed to get in (oh, and no Viagra)’. It would probably save the editors time if they just wrote down all the guidelines, and then went through the checklist, and deleted all the sites that didn’t meet the criteria. For you Naysayers claiming, ‘The current guidelines of DMOZ are fine’. Well I disagree. If they’re just fine, then why don’t all my sites get accepted? They all meet the current criteria.

Fifthly, if you’re actually looking for SEO, Jobs, Careers, or Linkbuilding, just click on the respective links I just used.

Lastly, if you would like to join in the effort to help DMOZ become better, you can send me an email at [email protected], and I won’t respond to you, or even let you know that you matter at all, because I’m an editor at SEO.com, the greatest site in the world.

Honestly, if this blog post does happen to elicit a response from anyone at DMOZ, then I think the world would be a better place. We’ll see what happens. And I will continue to submit my clients’ sites to DMOZ because hey, why not?

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  1. Ross Devine says

    Great article, I have been getting my feet wet with SEO for the first time and thought I was doing something wrong on DMOZ as was getting no response from them.

    Glad I’m not on my own.

  2. Aaron says

    Great article! ive given up on DMOZ.
    After months/years of trying to get my sites in it, its hopeless.

  3. Chris says

    If you guys dislike DMOZ so much, why keep submitting sites that, as you say, “will never get accepted”. Why bother and get yourself frustrated over nothing when you can just go out with your friends for a beer or smth :-)

  4. Ian Rogers says

    Nice rant. I agree with you on this. If DMOZ had a rubric or something similar for its editors to use and share with users who submit, it wouldn’t be so difficult for people to know beforehand whether or not their site will get listed. It might bring down the number of submissions, but who knows, when it’s free people think they have nothing to lose. I don’t understand why DMOZ is so authoritative anyways. Just because the google directory mirrors it? It sounds like google is tooting their own horn. It is also apparent that some of the editors keep competing site out? This is too corrupt for me!

  5. Sheldon says

    Yep – I have posted 3-5 websites on DMOZ now, still no results. Hmmm.. I guess there is still hope though :-)

    But I agree with you about the everybody and their dog raving about it, I think it’s a bit over rated.

    What do you reckon about the Yahoo Directory, worth the $199?

  6. Albert says

    I completely agree Adam. DMOZ is a frustrating place to submit to.

    My question is what directories do you run? I ask so I can submit my site them :) Thanks!

  7. Tim says

    I’ve been doing SEO for 15 years and the last time I was able to get a website into DMOZ was when Excite was the big dog on the block. DMOZ has turned into a joke… I have gone so far as to copy already accepted descriptions from other websites and simply replace the “service” that was being offered by my client. Title was just the company name and it was an old crusty domain that was already listed in other “Authority” directories. They where in the engraving business and the category was without question correct. But alas no listing… I stopped submitting to DMOZ and instead pay DMOZ editors to list my sites for me! Just another example of its not what you know but who you know.

  8. Nichole says

    This article is quite funny. I submitted my site 2 years ago and its still not up. Some time last year I saw some ads saying “Get your listing on dmoz for $100”. I thought about it, for sure. Their lack of customer service is appalling. I’ve applied to become an editor on a few different occasions thinking at least I could help others but no, denied! I think people should boycott the site and have them removed as any type of authority link, dmoz is a joke!

  9. Bliss SEO says

    Nice one, couldn’t agree more, have been saying DMOZ sucks balls for years. Honestly can’t recall the last time I bothered, maybe around 2007. Most over-rated site by far and I’ve never had a problem ranking clients sites without them.

    Also applied to become an editor, no joy, my opinion is it’s a little boys club and considering I’ve seen listings being sold on freelancing sites, it may not technically be free lol.

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