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If you’ve snooped around SEO.com lately, you may have noticed things look a little bit different.

In fact, the website is a lot different, and while the majority of the changes are cosmetic, the consensus with management is that the motivation behind the new website was a more efficient SEO.com

I sat down with two pivotal players behind the website update to find why they think it was needed, and where SEO.com is heading.

Ash Buckles, President

Julie Martinez, Marketing Director

AJ: How is the new SEO.com different than the previous one?

AB: Our new website gives us better control over testing lead funnels and conversion optimization. A secondary focus was page speed and server architecture.

JM: The newly designed SEO.com website was built with marketing in mind. The back-end and design have been simplified, and conversion rate optimi, advanced testing of creative, CTAs and content based on geography and behavior are easier to implement and track.

The new website also helps to funnel visitors to what they are looking for and what they need, much more easily than the previous version. This is just the starting point; the website is a work in progress, and will constantly be evolving.

AJ: When did the last redesign of SEO.com take place?

AB: We launched a complete overhaul in March 2012. We redesigned every component of our site including page layouts, forms, images, lead funnels, etc.

AJ: How does the new SEO.com reflect the company?

JM: SEO.com is an integrated marketing agency that not only seeks to understand the internet, but also users of the internet and their intent when online. Search engine marketing is ever-changing and social signals, content strategy (useful, relevant content), user experience and link building all play a major role, and our new website better represents these things and SEO.com overall.

AJ: What’s the plan for the website moving forward?

AB: We’re revisiting our content marketing strategy, conversion testing, and social community development. Our new website gives greater control to our content and conversion team and better supports actions around social media marketing