4 Tenets Your Social Media Should Live By

4 Tenets Your Social Media Should Live By

Frequently clients ask the question:

How do we effectively manage our social media?

I would like to propose 4 steadfast rules to managing your social media here.

1. Establish Yourself

Without a well branded and comprehensive social profile for your business on each network, you have not yet established yourself as a qualifying entity there.

In order to effectively establish your company on any social network ensure you have done the following:

  • Claim Your Name: If at all possible your brand or business name should be the username of your account.
  • Fill Out Every Detail: A comprehensive user profile can go a long way.
    • Strong profiles assist in managing a reputation by achieving high rankings for branded queries
    • Complete profiles help customers find a quick way to contact you with an issue rather than blasting their complaint publicly within the network
    • Comprehensive profiles often contain a link or multiple links to your web property. These links do provide assistance to your search engine optimization marketing.
  • Make It Unique: Make sure you have a branded profile photo that incorporates your logo into it. If the network allows for custom background images use it as a further opportunity in branding. Do everything you can to ensure your profile within the network is distinct from others.

2. Build Your Audience

Your social network is only as strong as the audience you acquire. Now, more than ever, that fact is true. With Google+ becoming such an integral part to how search results are delivered within social networks, SEO and the way we influence rankings are becoming socially anchored.

As you increase your audience, and ensure that audience is engaged with your content, you effectively increase the amount of  times your organic search results and click through rate will lift.

To build a strong audience I would recommend:

  • Every time you log into the account find and follow at least 5 individuals. The more you show an interest in others the more they will reciprocate the same attention.
  • Make sure each update or post you place within the network is something worth sharing.
  • Don’t give up. The longer you interact and engage – the stronger and larger your audience will become.

3. Interact

If you have established a branded social account on the major networks and done nothing with them you are doing it wrong. Conversely, if you have got the account up and are blasting via a megaphone “ME, ME, ME, LOOK AT ME” you are also doing it all wrong. Nobody likes a wallflower and nobody likes a know-it-all.

The key to effective social media interaction is moderation in all things. It is perfectly fine to share your latest sale, a fun blog post just published or nearly anything else about your business—as long as it is moderately threaded within other updates and conversations as well.

Here are a few tips to help with keeping that moderation in place:

  • Run keyword searches to find people taking about products similar to yours. Engage in a conversation with them about it.
  • Locate those in the network with a lot of influence. Engage with them outside of the network to establish a quality relationship. Often this will lead to their mentioning you within the network.
  • Follow other people, listen to what they have to say, share or retweet their updates.
  • Share thoughts, ideas and fun anecdotes that have nothing to do with your products services.
  • Randomly giveaway stuff.
  • Share photos.

4. Monitor

Social media marketing  is an effective way to manage your customers experience. By watching and monitoring what others are saying about your brand you may gain insight into each customer touch point of your business that likely would not have been attained anywhere else.

Take that information and use it to your benefit. Often the negative experiences customers have are a companies greatest opportunity to build trust with that individual and the public by handling it well and handling it generously.

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  1. Steven Tracy says

    Good post and yes, I agrre with all this but…

    Clients are finding it difficult to find the time to do all this on a holistic basis wich means…

    Only the companies that have the budget to hire a marketing firm or a community manager will be able to take care of all this social hipe (wich favors once again the top 500 just like in traditionnel outbound marketing).

    So, the internet is a big opportunity to find clients, but it is getting very time consuming and lots of companies find it difficult to invest the money and the time necessary before obtaning results.

    This was not the case only a few years ago.

    Thoughts : Make SEO more expensive than SEM and people will invest more in PCP adds than in SEO. Even if PCP adds are just a part of an online marketing strategy.

    I’ve been an offline salesman for 20 years. I feel more and more like an online salesman for my clients to who I chagre monthly fees. So I feel quite at home in this business.

     The biggest problem is getting clients who are used to investing in outbound marketing understand the importance and the great opportunities they can find in inbound marketing. Especially as the return on investment is not immediately perceptable.

    • Preston Van Dyke says

      You’re definitely right Steven. Running a social media campaign is one of the most time consuming forms of inbound marketing and the hardest to measure success for.

      The idea here is to show that social media can be a very simple process and it can also be scaled to your current capacities. Whether your are a one man show or a full corporation establishing your brand on each major social network and, if at least occasionally, beginning to interact and build an audience this is better than to not do it at all.

      As social continues to manipulate organic search results I believe businesses will increasingly pay more attention and put more money into this. But the amplification social media can have really is only being experienced by a few brands. It’ll still take 2-3 years for the majority of businesses to catch on. 

  2. Max says

    As for the phrase “Nobody likes a wallflower and nobody likes a know-it-all” – you’re absolutely right, this time, competition is great – it is necessary to break!
    And I liked the post – all clear and on the shelves (and the information is fresh!)

  3. John Arend says

    I agree with Steven’s comments. But Preston your answer made a lot of sense. I plan on putting together a small campaign. I will need to designate one day a week to work on social media and set a time limit. Time can fly by so fast. Each week I will have a project list to accomplish and then move on.

    As I see results I am sure I will find more productive time to work on social.
    Steven and Preston thank you for your comments 

  4. rajul jain says

    Thanks Preston,
    in recent time each amd every thing or every person want published your on Internet, and internet marketing will helps so much. your post is very good and very helpfu for me to grow myself and my company .

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