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On a bet Matt Cutts told Evan Fishkin at the SEOMOZ party that he would shave his head if, during the site reviews, someone asked for their site to be reviewed and it ended up being a spam site. Well, it happened. After the session, a bunch of us were asking Matt questions and we eventually got forced into a room so that we would stop blocking traffic. Matt continued to answer the groups questions while we all watched him shave Evan’s head. After Evan was done, Matt jokingly said “Okay, who’s next?” I wanted to get my questions answered as well so I sat in Evan’s place and Matt proceeded to answer my questions while he and Evan shaved my head.

This first one is a preview of me 20 years down the road (hopefully at LEAST 20):
preview of nelson james old
matt cutts shaving nelson james head
Nelson James shaved head