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Google's Matt Cutts: Top 5 Things to do to Optimize Your Site

I asked a question to Matt Cutts through Google Moderator today at PubCon South. "What are the top 5 things you would do to optimize your site?" Here was his response:

  • URL Structure/Site Architecture
  • - Starting out with a good URL structure is obviously important to both the search engines and users. There were a couple of things Matt mentioned that were intruiging. (1) Make sure your structure is very clean. (2) Matt mentioned DMOZ as a great example of good site architecture

  • Titles
  • - Make your titles relevant to the content on the page and make them compelling.

  • Keywords in URL and Content
  • - Obviously important. If you don't have keywords in your content, why should you show up? Also, it's always good to have your keyword in the URL of the page.

  • Check Server Logs/Analytics
  • - You can spend all day in your log files and analytics finding great ways to optimize, but today Matt mentioned finding the keywords you are currently on page 2 for and get them to page 1

  • Add a Page of Content a Day
  • - A great idea. Google loves fresh content. Matt said that fresh content isn't part of the algorithm, but it almost always gets you more links than if your site is stale.

    There is nothing new here, but it's always nice to know that you have the same priorities for your site optimization as Matt Cutts does.

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    Nelson James

    Written by Nelson James

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