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1,276 Reasons #Mozcation is Coming to SLC

Yo peeps, tweeps and fbeeps!

SEOmoz is looking for a reason to come to Salt Lake. They're calling it a #Mozcation. They are looking for the best place to go, but the obvious choice is SLC. I know it. I know you know it. Now we need to let SEOmoz know it.

I have tapped into the

  • RavenTools API
  • MajesticSEO API
  • Authority Labs API
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Trends and Google insights
  • and most definitely the Google Adwords Keyword Tool

and they all point to the obvious destination of the 8-0-1 (That is the area code for Salt Lake City).

I even shook my magic SEO 8 Ball and it said "ask me again." And I DID - and it said "FO SHIZZLE MY NIZZLE." (which I believe translates to "Most Definitely")

In all my research, I have calculated that there are at least, but not limited to, 1,276 reasons (correlation != causation) why #Mozcation should be in SLC.

Below are a couple of my reasons for having #Mozcation here, what are yours? (Add your comments below, or comment on mine, because I know they're research sound and proven.)

Giddy Up! (Sorry but you might not see the Comments if using Google Chrome)

P.S. I wasn't lying when I said I checked Google Insights. And I know Nevada is #1, but that is only temporary according to my research!

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David Malmborg

Written by David Malmborg

David has always been involved with consumer electronics and shiny geeky toys. After finishing his degree at the University of Utah in communication and business, he decided that the new age of online marketing was a great fit for him. David has five years of computer electronic sales experience which include retail and B2B. He also worked with a premier design agency focusing his efforts on sales and marketing, where he became familiar with SEO and other forms of online marketing strategies. In April of 2009, David joined SEO.com as an SEO Specialist.

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