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In just a short time, the Google +1 button has reached over 4 billion daily views. That number will most likely continue to rise with the announcement of 2 new features.

Share directly with Google+ circles
As of yesterday Google+ users can easily share a webpage with a designated circle by using the +1 button. Simply click on the +1 button as usual and look for the “Share on Google+” option. From there leave a comment, specify a circle and share your link.

Snippets have also been added and “automatically include a link, an image, and a description in the sharebox.” Google is calling these “+snippets.” Seeing a snippet along with a link makes the content more engaging when a link is shared. Along with this change Google is giving publishers the opportunity to customize their snippets, giving them the ability to determine what is displayed.

Both of these changes are rolling out over the next week and should encourage the sharing of more content via Google+. And as daily views increase and Google receives more feedback, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of the changes to Google+ and the +1 button. Stay tuned.