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On the eve of the kickoff of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, a Sundance official and a speaker from Bing.com will address SLCSEM.org, a group of professional Internet marketers in Utah. The event is scheduled Jan. 18 from 6 to 9 p.m. at The Leonardo, 209 E. 500 South in Salt Lake City.

Speakers will focus on the emergence of online video as an important Internet marketing tool for businesses. With billions of videos viewed on the Internet each week, the medium offers smaller companies a way to reach a wider audience.

Ash Buckles, president of SEO.com, a Utah-based professional SEO company, said the state’s longstanding participation in the Sundance Film Festival makes the discussion a great start to SLCSEM.org’s 2012 seminar series. Buckles is slated to speak at next week’s gathering.

Bing, which is owned by Microsoft and controls about 30 percent of the search engine market, is a major Sundance sponsor.

Bing Program Manager Troy Ma said that during the presentation he will explain how video has changed the marketing landscape for businesses online. He will describe how Bing uses video in its search results and ways companies use online video to get noticed by more customers.

Ma oversees Bing’s multimedia search team, which is responsible for Microsoft’s image and video search. He said much of his time is spent digging through data, researching and then integrating what he learns into Bing’s search engine.

“The evening’s discussion will focus on the opportunities search engines and social media provide for online marketers and Bing.com will share insight into how online marketers can start taking advantage of what Bing is doing with image search and video,” SLCSEM.org President Elisabeth Osmeloski said. “It’s critical for online marketers to understand the massive opportunity that image and video content optimization presents to any organization.”

Since Bing has sponsored the Sundance Film Festival for several years, SLCSEM.org thought it appropriate to dedicate the discussion to video search activities, Osmeloski added.

“It’s not just about watching kitten videos on the Internet. Users are searching for educational information on millions of topics, and a video produced and optimized for keywords surrounding your company’s product or services can deliver highly targeted traffic and ultimately, buyers from search,” she said.

SLCSEM.org will also hear from Morgan Vidakovich, marketing manager for the Sundance Institute. Vidakovich helps oversee marketing and advertising for the Sundance Film Festival. Vidakovich focuses on digital marketing and social media for Sundance.org.

“Vidakovich will discuss the challenges and opportunities related to online video and content distribution with limited resources and expanding goals,” Osmeloski said.