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Yesterday, Google announced the official introduction of AdWords Express. First launched as Google Boost in October 2010, AdWords Express makes it simple and fast for users to start advertising online. The whole setup can be completed in less than five minutes. AdWords Express is aimed at helping local businesses that aren’t currently using AdWords to effectively create and run a pay per click campaign. The following video shows how easy it is to use AdWords Express from start to finish:

By using AdWords Express, potential customers will be able to find a business’ website or Place page much easier. This will give advertisers a quick and simple way to connect with customers and grow their business. All it takes is providing some basic business information and creating an ad, and the campaign is ready to go.

After sign up, the campaign is automatically managed for users. AdWords Express will determine which searches should trigger a specific ad to appear and display it when these searches happen. The ad will show up in the Ads section of search results pages – either in the top or right hand side – and in Google Maps with a blue pin. Advertisers will only pay when a customer clicks on their ad and AdWords Express will optimize ads to get the most out of all budgets and advertising campaigns.

For more information or to sign up visit www.google.com/awexpress.