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Today we look at a few ways to improve upon your PPC campaigns. Search Engine Journal provides a guide to remarketing, useful to any online marketer, but especially valuable in getting more value of your existing paid campaigns. SEER Interactive gives us an efficiency tip for managing your Google Display Network placements. And PPC Hero shares an example of a mobile app ads gone bad and how to avoid similar mishaps.

Remarketing 101: A Beginner’s Guide

This straight-forward guide to remarketing, aka retargeting, covers all the basics. If you’re already familiar with remarketing, this probably isn’t for you, but if you haven’t tried retargeting, this is a good starting point to teach you what exactly it is, how it can be useful for you, and how to get started.

PPC Work Hacks: Quickly Analyze AdWords GDN Placements

Hank Martin from SEER Interactive provides a look into doing placement analysis for Google Display Network advertising. This narrowly focused article can significantly increase your efficiency when selecting domains to focus your budget on.

Mobile App Exclusions – How Flappy Birds Tanked My Display Campaign

If you’ve managed a paid account long enough, you’ve or will see how easy it is for one little thing to blow your budget. In this article Cassie Oumedian takes us through an instance of Flappy Birds ads making it through an opt-out and destroying her campaign, and how you can avoid a similar problem with mobile app advertising.


[Update 2018] We wrote our own post about what remarketing is and why you need it. Enjoy.