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Achieving a Balanced Marketing Approach

Trends in the marketing industry, especially online marketing, are subject to steady and sometimes rapid change. Old strategies lose their effectiveness and in some cases harm the long-term success of a marketing campaign. This is why many marketers are striving to strike a balance with a well-rounded strategy focused on quality and building brand awareness.

Six Steps to Compiling an Integrated Online Marketing Strategy

Finding an approach that is both effective and does not overextend available resources can be a challenge. A simplified plan that prioritizes action based on a customized strategy for a client’s industry is often the best solution to this problem. Focusing on the fundamentals to determine target goals is a method that can be utilized to reduce time spent on fruitless tasks. This article examines six key steps to executing an integrated marketing strategy:

  1. Building a comprehensive understanding of the function of marketing within the organization.
  2. Defining the problem and developing a plan around the solution.
  3. Construct a strategy to identify the correct channels and methods required to reach the goals of the campaign.
  4. Set core objectives for each channel that is being invested in.
  5. Create an outline for the workflow process of the specific marketing activities.
  6. Monitor and evaluate results and expand or reallocate resources as necessary.

Old School meets New School: How to Combine Traditional and Online Marketing

Although there have been a large number of changes in the industry, there are still basic tactics that have maintained their relevance. The chief difference in today’s marketing environment is the increased quantity of channels and strategies available to achieve results. While many marketers focus their efforts either solely on offline or online marketing tactics, they are missing out on the potential of their combined use.

Today’s consumer can be engaged with a variety of media that encompass the realms of both traditional and online marketing. In order to kickoff an integrated marketing program, it is necessary to match specific strategies with the channels that best fit them. Introducing customers to a brand and building trust will promote engagement, which can be increased through cross-promotion.

The Social Median: Balancing Aggressive and Passive Online Marketing

Establishing an online presence has become a necessity that most companies cannot afford to neglect. However, the techniques that are used to accomplish this can differ greatly. Most strategies fall into either the passive or aggressive categories. While both methods can help a company meet their marketing goals there is a need for equilibrium between the two. The passive approach increases customer engagement and brand awareness without the use of overly-promotional and sales-focused material. Whereas an aggressive approach employs tactics that project specific messages to increase sales.