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If you could gain the top spot in Google’s search results in a matter of 10 minutes, would you want to know how to do it? Anyone who says, “No,” is either a liar or lives by the old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.”

I don’t blame you for being skeptical, but it is possible to obtain the #1 listing in Google in a manner of minutes. How? Video.

Video is one of the fastest growing forms of content on the web. Ironically, while the hours that we spend watching video on the web continues to increase, so also are the hours we spend watching TV. This may be one of the reasons that search engines rank videos highly. Search engines have always been about giving the public what they want. Apparently, the public wants video. As internet marketers, we need to shift our paradigm of search so that we are playing ahead of the game and not behind.

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First, before we dive further into online video and why you need it on your site, let me make one thing crystal clear. You do not want to abandon the written word in your internet marketing efforts. I am simply pointing to video as a means of content generation that you cannot afford to ignore, because the snowball is gaining speed as it rolls down the hill.

What should you take away from the fact that although internet video consumption grew over the last several years, so has TV consumption? We are becoming more wired as a society. We are so wired that some people cannot resist the urge to reply to a text message while they are driving. We use our phones to write and check email everywhere we go. How many videos have you seen where someone walks into a pole because they are looking at their phone and not where they are going? We spend a lot of time online while we are in front of the TV. We use any means available to stay connected to every little piece of information that we can get our hands on – ah…wait a second. Maybe that’s it. INFORMATION!

We always talk about being on information overload so why would we possibly want more? Though I could theorize why that may be the case, it is irrelevant for now. The important thing is to understand that the facts all point to a society that wants more information and they want it on their terms.

Understanding this, why wouldn’t you want to give your audience what they desire? Give people a reason to stay longer on your site because you have video. Some of the most successful internet business launches to date have happened through video content. Ask yourself this: “Do more people prefer to watch TV or read a book?” There is no question that we prefer to watch TV. While we are a society that craves information and we are willing to get it however we can, we prefer watching over reading when given a choice.

That being said, you should consider video in your content building strategy. It will not replace all of the text on your website, but it will certainly add value and lengthen site visits. If you market your videos correctly they will likely attract new visitors that will become loyal followers of you and your business.

Now that you understand why you should care about video, you should make sure that you know how to perform SEO for video so that you get the most out of every video you produce. Watch for a follow up post with tips on how to accomplish this.